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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, July 1, 2016
    Gary Graham
    Que Pasa


    There is only one World Cup Blue Marlin Championship!!!

    No other big game tournament allows teams to fish anywhere in the world for eight hours in their time zones. The World Cup is for one day only, for one species only and with one winner only. There is no second place in the World Cup.

    The entry fee of $3,000 includes everyone on the boat. The OPTIONAL additional $5,000 Big Blue Challenge is for those who want to win an even bigger award, (see rule 10). In 2011, this division was won with a 585-pound Kona blue marlin.

    You can fish aboard your own boat or charter a professional team in many of the big blue marlin hot spots around the world; if you live in New York, go to Bermuda; if in Australia, charter a boat in Fiji or if in Las Vegas, why not fly to Kona to fish? The World Cup has been won in ten different locations around the world with many more famous blue marlin hot spots not yet producing a winner.

    On July 4th make sure your team is ready to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention bragging rights for having caught the biggest blue while competing against some of the top sport fishing teams around the globe!

    Coronado Island
    Not seeing very much attention as almost everybody is fishing out west for tuna and for kelp paddy yellowtail.
    There are some yellowtail and barracuda at Ribbon Kelp and at South Kelp Slow trolling sardines or mackerel is working best. Sea Lions are a major issue. Because of this troll with 40-50-pound test and horse those yellows and/or barracuda in quickly before the dogs can steal them.


    The Wahoo left the dock at 6:00 a.m., made bait rather quickly just outside the Marina -- we were welcomed with nice calm seas as it was a glassy morning. Heading for the South Point, we saw nice bird activity, threw some jigs and we hooked one yellowtail. The rest of the day we chased birds and slow-trolled live macks for 6 more yellows . . . we totaled 7 yellows, the biggest went 20 pounds. …Lalo



    San Quintín

    Lots of yellowtail action with John, Danny and Ron. All surface "run and gun" at it's finest using Rapalas for fish from 15-30-pounds…Captain Juan Cook


    Captain Kelly and his Band of Benders! Lots of big yellowtail up on the beach, waters clean 66-68. High spots have yellow too but normal sized I ran outside 30 miles and blanked…no kelp, White sea bass are around, a few tankers caught last week.Captain Kelly Catian,

    Sea of Cortez Midriff Islands

    We started off the morning throwing iron on the rocks with some success on smaller cabrilla that were released . . . then we looked for some yellowtail and picked off a few decent ones but nothing was wide open; we got a nice surprise when Queso landed a nice, 12-pound pargo on the blue and white 6x jr. We ended the morning with three fish in the box and headed for the boat. There was not a huge haul the first morning but everyone was glad to be fishing. The kitchen busted out some taquitos for lunch and then it was nap time. …Michael


    Bahia de Los Angeles


    Plenty of bait out there . . . especially in the La Gringa area -- made about 30 to 40 baits in about 20 minutes. Nice-size macks! Went over and fished Smith but didn't have much luck with the yellows; however, we caught a nice cabrilla which we let go. Headed over to Punta Remedios and it was on fire! Started the drift at 100 feet using a dropper loop with a 8-oz. sinker. We landed ten that day and released two smaller ones. …Chris



    The next few days it was all macks on dropper loops in over 200 feet of water. Great trip! Thanks for the help with how to get paper work in order and the San Quintin layover! …Bria Renner


    Cedros Island


    It was a thresher day at Cedros Island on Monday. Jeff Mariani of Cedros Tackle shows off one of several thresher sharks caught by a group of Hobie Fishing kayak anglers, all on surface iron (large, light metal jigs). …Jeff Mariani, Cedros Tackle

    Bahía Ascensión

    No Report. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Report pending…Juanchy Angular

    Punta Chivato


    At Punta Chivato the "Bulls Only" dorado tournament drew18 boats and 51 anglers landed . The largest being a 21.3 pounds by Theresa Cove, Lake Elsinore, CA. aboard their Dos Luz 21ft.Covecraft panga they built themselves.



    I was really not looking forward to singing the blues for this week's report, AGAIN!

    I don't think I am enough of a politician to be able to put a spin on the "early" days of this week's fishing!

    We had a flurry of one dorado caught outside the harbor at Escondido. It's not unusual to hit dorado in the spot, just off Rattle Snake Beach .
    (Over the years, every summer we see at least a week or two when the go-to spot for dodos is right between Danzante Island and the Escondido harbor. One year the dorado were so close to the old pier you could see the starfish on the bottom as you were hooked up.)

    North of Coronado Island is nothing but green water with the temperatures running around 78*f.

    South of Carmen Island including the southeast corner is cleaner and still in the 78*f range.

    No biters, no biters, no biters unless you count the seal lions that have been stealing hooked fish off bait rigs!

    The pre-fishing practice days for the Tripui Dorado Tournament have come up with the answers everyone has been hoping to hear and the happy tune that changes my tune.

    Today, "Wild Wil" did the one hour cruise east from Punta Perico and found warm blue water and marlin!

    That confirms what the satellite water temperature charts are saying: 30 miles east!

    If you found marlin and landed three on trolled lures then I would expect that same area would be holding big dorado, big enough to place high in a tournament.

    For this tournament and next weekend's "Fishing For The Mission" tournament, I think most boats will be heading far out in a place we refer to as, "being halfway to Mazatlan"!

    Bait has been a hassle this past two weeks. The bait sellers have sold out early.

    Be prepared to catch your own which may mean Sabikis at 500 feet.

    We got lucky one day and scored some mackerel in 175 feet of water off Punta Coyote.
    We will be out there again tomorrow and Saturday at 5:30am looking for mackerel that won't mind the long drive.....halfway to Mazatlan!

    ( I'll send you an update Saturday evening on the dorado hunting results- we probably have a few Fishing For The Mission folks eager for info!)…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    La Paz


    Hector Chacon has been visiting us for 12 years now and stuck his biggest fish of all his visits yesterday. Check out the huge amberjack he got with Captain Rogelio north of Espirito Santo Island. The fish hit a live bait slow-trolled over the reef and took 45 minutes to boat! Hector is from Arcadia, Calif. … Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape


    Watched the J&B land this beautiful black marlin and then released it clean. Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico. …Van Wormer Resorts



    Catching a marlin is cool, but when you do it with a fly rod – that’s awesome! Ramon Zabriskie and Dave Blair landed this striped marlin while fishing with Captain Chuy on the Rude Baby! …Hotel Playa Del Sol, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico

    Although we did not target them much this week, we were able to get a nice wahoo this week. I suspect that there are still many in the area for those looking get on this great eating and hard fighting fish. This continues to be a banner year for wahoo on the East Cape…Scorpion Sportfishing


    Rude GIrl fishing out of Palmas de Cortez added it's third swordfish of the season this week on a ballyhoo.,,Van Wormer Resorts

    The reefs off La Ribera produced good-quality pargo all week. Cabrilla and amberjack also found their way to the fillet table. …Gary Barnes Webb


    Like that famous Battery Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going. It was the week of one black marlin, five blue marlin, 37 striped marlin, two sailfish and on and on the billfish carousel goes on the East Cape…
    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort boat skippers and crews worked overtime!

    The 389-pound black marlin was brought in by Brian Wilkinson aboard the Sea Breeze after a tug-of-war.
    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

    San José del Cabo

    The weather has probably been the best we've experienced in recent years, with cool mornings, warm afternoons and cool breezes to cool things down in the evening. While it may not have been the best for offshore fishing, the weather sure has helped to enhance our overall experience.

    Bait -- lots to be had or caught right in the Marina area. Tortillas were the best baits to have on board, followed by goggle eyes. …Larry Haynes


    Ocean conditions are continuing to rebound quickly, clarity is improving daily, as cleaner water is now being found within a couple of miles from shore, water temperature through the region is now in the 74 to 78 degree range continues on a warming trend. Most sportfishing fleets are now fishing in the direction of the Sea of Cortez, from Chileno to Vinorama.

    Daily catches have included billfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, jack crevalle, pargo, snapper, amberjack, bonito, cabrilla and also there are limited numbers of dorado and wahoo being encountered. With the conditions improving daily, anything could develop on any given day. Bait supplies remain steady for caballito, mullet, moonfish, jurelito and there are options of squid slabs or ballyhoo also being offered, though the live bait has proven to be the better option in recent weeks.

    Local panga fleets have been concentrating mainly on the grounds from Cardon, Iman, San Luis and to Vinorama, within one to four miles from shore. Fleets found schooling football sized yellowfin tuna in this area while trolling with lures such as hoochies, Rapalas and cedar plugs, on some days charters were catching limits of these small yellowfin, while on other days fish were more scattered. Only an occasional dorado or wahoo being reported, but these gamefish are in the area, at times being seen free swimming and not wanting to strike. A few larger yellowfin tuna were accounted for as well, these tuna hit on larger whole live bait, with bolito being the best choice and these bait fish were being caught on small hoochies and then immediately pinned on and trolled slowly over the same grounds. Tuna to over one hundred pounds were hooked and landed, with other hook ups lost. With all of the small tuna and bolito in the area and the warming waters, there were a handful of larger sized back and blue marlin strikes reported, these fish were lost due to various reasons.

    The rocky structure was producing decent action early in the day on yo-yo jigs, huachinango, amberjack, cabrilla and bonito being the most common catches. The depth of these grounds usually range from 100 to 180 feet, Other high spots closer to shore, in depths of 40 to 80 feet, these were producing various snapper and pargo species, as well as quality sized amberjack to 75 lb. This can be tricky fishing, some days fish would not become active until later in the morning as tides were shifting. Many of these fish were of the toothy dogtooth snapper variety, which once hooked near the surface would immediate freight train towards the nearest rockpile, more often than not resulting in frayed and cut lines. Can be very exciting fishing, but equally frustrating as well, even the most experienced of anglers can be brought to their knees by these powerful fighters.

    Sharks continue to be presence on the same grounds, from offshore to these inshore areas as well, this can put a damper on the action in a hurry, if too many of these sharks invade the same grounds and spook the other gamefish.

    Roosterfish continue to patrol the inshore beach stretches, as well as the hog sized jack crevalle, roosters to over 60 pounds were caught and released in recent days. We did not hear of much going with the porpoise and yellowfin tuna further offshore, that action seems to have faded away, of course all of the commercial purse seiners that were also seen on these same grounds definitely could be one of the reasons why that action faded so quickly.

    Local La Playita pangueros reported some quality action for snook this past week, fish were caught from the shore, as well as from pangas, which trolled in the surf zone, as close as they could safely do so. One snook of 60 lbs. was reportedly landed, this would have been a new official all tackle IGFA record if the angler had properly documented the incredible catch. Lots of sea life now, manta rays, turtles, sharks, seas lions and a few porpoise.…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos


    Pisces Sportfishing does it again! First Swordfish of the Season caught aboard the Pisces Ruthless

    A couple of days ago Captain Beto Lira of the Ruthless and deckhand Martin Gonzalez (usually aboard the Tracy Ann), took out a group of anglers from California. This group of fishermen was participating in the charity event Stars and Stripes Tournament. In its 20th year, the event benefits youth charities, and is a combination of a "fishing, golf, and music festival." The hugely popular event has raised and donated more than $20 million to worthy youth charities since 1996.

    The team was eager to compete, and chose to head quite far out to a spot were Captain Beto knew the fish had been biting, 42 miles away from shore to be exact. Once in the area, they saw something moving slowly on the surface of the water. They realized that this was one of the most prized catches for a big game angler, a swordfish! Casting their prepared live bait at the fish, it smacked it right on the bill, practically landing in its mouth. Startled, the swordfish grabbed the bait, giving them a solid hook up and a tremendous fight that lasted a full two hours and twenty minutes. Back on shore the fish was weighed on our certified scale, showing it to be a nice 190 lb. As swordfish is such a prized catch (its meat being excellent to eat), the boys ended up sharing it among some very happy members of the local community. Making sure none of it went to waste.…Pisces Sportfishing

    Still, a lot of yellowfin tuna in the area and providing some action for the anglers but the billfish bite has slowed up, again.
    Cabo Climate: Daytime air temps varied from 87 to 90 degrees and night time varied from 74-75 degrees, humidity level averaged 53.6%. A mostly sunny week with a couple of partly cloudy days but overall, excellent weather.

    Water temps varied from the Pacific side at the Golden Gate Bank and southerly to Cabo San Lucas at 75-76 degrees. Cabo San Lucas, out to the 95 Fathom Spot and northerly to the 1150 Fathom Spot was all at 77-78 degrees. Gordo Banks to Los Frailes all at 81-82 degrees. Sea surface breezes flowing from the westerly directions averaged 11.3 mph daily.

    The better fishing spots for the week were the 95 fathom spot and the 1150 fathom spot for both, marlin, tuna and dorado.

    Stripers taken on both, live bait and rigged baits, yellowfin tuna taken on assorted tuna feathers, Petrolero, cedar plugs and more.

    Live bait supply remained good for the caballitos at the $3.00 per bait rate.…Cortez Charters, Larry Edwards
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    Great report and right on-- I'm in Loreto been here for a week fished two days-- skunked one day out of Loreto marina-- and fished out of Ensenada Blanca-- for 1 yellow tail- 1 pargo and one Cabrilla-- total disappointment-- other than that having a great time with the family--
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    GREAT REPORT always Gary, and NICE DORADO Theresa! LOL
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