Pesca Panama : 12/2-6


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May 12, 2011
santa rosa/ca/usa
gary furness
Mike Augat made me an offer "that I couldn't refuse" to help fill out their first trip of the season.
Great group of guys. Fantastic weather (only rain at night/wind manageable day 2).
Two days of inshore/near shore at Coiba were excellent: 5 cubera's to about 50 lb, 7 roosters,
the most wide open mullet snapper bite I have been part of , etc. All on light tackle. Also a first:
black tip, white tip, and ~ 150 lb bull shark (thought is was a great big AJ, but that might explain why
no AJ's were around that spot :). Another boat got ~ 10 ft hammerhead. These were just sharks brought to the boat. Lots of sharks.! The 2nd day was memorable for 16 different species, including 6 different types of grouper. Great action.
Two days offshore. First was split between Montuosa and Hannibal Bank. Porpoise at Montuosa made
marlin fishing difficult. No billfish bites at either location, but lots of mahi: 9, all on poppers near drifting long lines and logs.
Second day: epic AM action on Hannibal. Within 15 minutes, we loaded up on bonita, a belly strip got
two mahi, and a lone ~ 50 lb YFT. Then we went 2 for 3 on black marlin in the next two hours,
one about 200, the other about 300 lb. Two other marlin were caught/released, one about 450 lb.
Other marlin were hooked up but lost. By 1100 the marlin bite was done. But the mahi action just took off.
In ~ 5 hours, I caught ~ 20 fifteen to 30 lb dorado. Most all on lures. Other boats had similar action.
No one we spoke with had ever seen this type of biomass of dorado in action before.
I will try and get pix posted later.
Fantastic trip, and looking forward to returning in April for some heavy YFT action.
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Jay Warner

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Oct 18, 2007
24 Triton LTS
Sounds like a good trip Gary. I saw same thing with the dorado in November, like flies. They get a little aggravating but there is always a monster bull in the mix, I saw some real studs caught while there. Tuna time is next, hope to see you down there come April.
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