Offshore Personal best Dorado

Robert c. Sample

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Feb 11, 2019
Snowflake arizona
Robert sample
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Went Sunday from mission bay with my good friend. We got 2 scoops of great bait at 430 and made our way to the 302 first. Didn't see much so we headed towards the 371. We spotted a nice kelp in 69 degree water and when we swung by 1 troll rod went off and we had a nice 18 lb yellowtail. Worked it for 2 more on bait same size. Worked down towards the upper hidden bank and half way there we hit a few kelps that had nothing but 72 degree water. Next kelp we rolled up yo I drive by and see a monster Dorado. Holy shit .... 2 decent yt come over then I switch to a 40lb set up with 60 floro ,butt hook a sardine and instant bite but I didn't catch up. Repeat and I am on my buddy hooks up too. Double up and it jumps we both go crazy. He breaks off and I drag that slugs sideways to the boat in under 2 minutes. Amazing... we ended up 2 short of limits and handed the kelp off. Ran north to off la jolla looking for tuna but no go . A day to remember. It went 35 on a hanging scale and was 4ft.8 in. Long

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Nice dodo I catch a 45lb 15 miles outside o,side long time ago.
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