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Oct 1, 2009
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With the recent spate of posts concerning engine performance, motor mount height, trailer hitching, trailer rebuilds, etc., I felt it to be about time to let others in on a supplier I've found that manufacturers a host of performance parts that most can benefit from. has everything you need to get those mechanic chores done in a snap. I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form, I simply wanted to pass on their existence so others can benefit from their ground-breaking technology.

Here's a random sampling of what they offer:

Piston Return Spring
KaleCoAuto has produced the highest quality piston return spring to date! High temperance chromed metal resists temperatures up to 300'f. KaleCoAuto piston return springs FORCE the pistons back into the motor, no longer relying on gravity! This effectively increases your revs, horsepower, and peak torque! You must buy one return spring per piston. Rotary engines require install of pistons for full compatibility. One per piston. Please specify if you are using a boxer motor!

Adjustable Powerband
Wish you had a little more low end torque? Maybe you want a high revving formula1-esque screamer? KaleCoAuto's Adjustable Powerbands are the perfect solution! The power bands are made from titanium-injected rubber, with high grade 440 fasteners. Six links are included. One band is for horsepower, and the other for torque. You may use more than three links per side, but extreme caution should be taken!

Muffler Bearing
Do you have an annoying rattling in your mufflers? Are they sagging a little? Don't quite sound right? That could be the symptoms of a worn muffler bearing. Allow me to introduce the KaleCoAuto muffler bearing! It's unique iron-graphite composite with pre-grease-packed assembly provides over 200,000 miles of smooth muffler operation! It is most likely they will outlast your mufflers. Also works well on heavy duty exhaust systems. One per muffler.

Left Handed Metric Screwdriver
This screwdriver was specially formulated by the Coalition of Left Handed Peoples for the Furthering of Left Handed Recognition and Also the Metric System. (AKA CLHPFLHRAMS.) Naturally, KaleCoAuto came to a partnership with them to create this finely machine crafted screwdriver. This screwdriver uses high tech materials, such as steel, and plastic. (NASA uses steel and plastic!) This screwdriver is great for loosening screws on the right side of the vehicle, or tightening screws on the left side of the vehicle.

Wiper Blade Sharpener
Wiper blades not cutting it? Why replace them, when you could sharpen them? This high grade whetstone is all that you would expect from our quality line of KaleCoAuto products. It features three sharpening surfaces for different sizes of wiper blades.

Heavy Duty Tire Beads
Ever lost or broken the bead in your tire mid-corner, only to have the tire come free from the wheel in a dangerous manner? Imagine for a moment, that you could underinflate your tires safely, without worrying about your racecar-like driving ability causing problems. Done imagining? Now buy these. The KaleCoAuto tire beads are pure titanium - and 100 times stronger than a typical tire bead. Also makes a nice neckalce for the Mrs.

Johnson Rod
You spoke, we listened! The long anticipated Johnson Rod has finally made an appearance! Bursting from our engineering bay, and three years in the making, this is most spectacular rod on the market. Not only is the Johnson Rod fully extendable, but it is also .5" greater in girth than any competitor's Johnson Rod. Please install Johnson Rod between 70-90f, as cold weather will cause it to contract.

O Pipe (Single Exhaust)
You've heard of the Y pipe.. the X pipe.. the H pipe.. nothing can touch the O pipe!!! It provides 100% back pressure feedback on ALL engines!! Torque increase and kuneutson valve float brings in much lower revs so you don't hurt your motor! Not CARB Legal. Please specify standard or polished finish. Product shown is single input O-Pipe with polished finish. Dual exhaust model available.,x3izgeUpo7sBi2

Radiator Insulator
The weakest part of your car is the likely the radiator. It is a simple matter of physics when we tell you this: Energy is lost through heat. Transmissions, as they lose more and more heat, begin to cause more loss of power. However, that's only a small part - The worst part is the radiator! All sorts of heat is lost through the radiator - in essence - losing the horsepower through heat! Not anymore!! KaleCoAuto brings you the Radiator Insulator - Simply slip over your radiator and enjoy the power! KaleCoAuto radiator insulation is made from only the finest asbestos, and is guaranteed to trap 90% more heat!,x3izgeUpo7sBi2

Brass Balls
Ever wonder where those high performance rally car drivers get their brass balls? For the first time ever, brass balls are being made available to the public! Sold in sets of three, Brass Balls are an easy way to increase your performance driving ability. (For off road race use only. Use on street may result in arrest, serious injury, or death.),x3izgeUpo7sBi2

A Round Tuit
For the first time ever, KaleCoAuto is offering this exciting new accessory! The Round Tuit. We spent three years looking for this item, and finally have found it. This highly sought after item is a requirement to finish all those hard jobs that you keep putting off. Sold unpainted. We do anticipate offering them in different colors, if we ever get around to it...,meF2X3-RYa,YsW-1

Lowering Kit
Some people spend hundreds - even thousands merely to lower their car! Some people even cut their springs - that is the wrong way to lower a car! Why bother with different bolt sizes and components, when KaleCoAuto's do-it-yourself lowering kit is a mere four piece kit! Installs in minutes, just insert one per tire and you'll be the envy of every lowrider in town! Now available in standard, chrome, and gold.

Blinker Fluid
Are you blinkers sluggish? Do they make an annoying ticking noise? Do they not flash fast enough? Here's your solution. Little do people know, factory quality blinker fluid should be changed every 150,000 blinks. Our blinker fluid lasts ten times that. KaleCoAuto high quality synthetic blinker fluid meets the highest DOT standards while not being in the least bit DOT legal! KaleCoAuto blinker fluid provides you with thousands of hours of reliable blinking without the wear and tear on the flash-synchro's that the other blinker fluids cause. KaleCoAuto blinker fluid will not lose its viscosity even in the most extreme situations. Why buy that old dino-blinker fluid, when you can get our unique patented synthetic formula? Satisfaction guaranteed!! For use in any car.

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I put Etec decals on my Yammis. Added 10hp at the prop for each motor and dropped 17.5# off each one too. Huge gains!
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