Penn and Newell reels for sale


Feb 25, 2020
Yucaipa, CA
John J Mohler
no boat
I've got a pretty lengthy list of reels for sale. I bought all of them new, all in good to excellent condition. Some never used. Most in original boxes. These are reels that I have accumulated over 35 years of fishing in So. Cal. and Baja. All prices include shipping within the continental U.S. Photos on request

Penn 16S 2-speed W/ Cal Sheets blueprint For 60LB. test. In Box $350.00

Penn 30T with Cal Sheets 2-speed conversion in great condition. In box $350.00
Penn 50SW in great condion. In Box $400.00
Penn 4/0 Yellowtail special with Accurate frame. With extra spool. Great condition, in box $150.
Formula 15KG 2-speed, Graphite frame. Cal Sheets blue print 60Lb. test. Well used. In original box $125.00


G220F In great condition w/extra spool in box sold
P229F Great condition w/extra spool in box Sold
S229-5 In good condition w/extra spool. In original box. $150.00
G235F In good condition w/extra spool $175
S235-5 In Good condition. In original box $150.00
G332F Great condition, like new. W/extra spool, in box Sold
C338-5 Great condition. In box $150.00
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