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    Hi everyone

    So me and a few fishing friends decided to book a boat through Slayday charters. Myself and my fishing buddies used to fish a lot together. We would go pick a place and go fish side by side. Usually we would do good, lots of Halibut,Bass bonito and whatever out of the surf. Stripers ,bass and whatever out of the lakes. Spotties barracuda etc etc. out of the harbors. However life happens as they say and we haven 't been able to fish together like we used to for a couple of years. So we were all looking forward to this trip.

    Thurs. morning at 5:30 we meet Ryan at the dock for the pretrip briefing and rundown on the Boat,Electronics,Intel and Safety for the trip. After a 1/2 hour we re ready to go. We leave the launch ramp and go and pickup bait. Easy peasy, great price , great bait and a great attitude ...Thanks Mike. We and the Monte Carlo were the only boats there . We wait 5 minutes for them to load the Monte Carlo and then it's our turn. We get a scoop of good cured 4" sardines and we 're off . We wait for a huge ship carrying Con Ex Containers to clear Angels Gate and we 're off. Now motoring up to get bait it was a little ripply with a slight breeze inside the harbor. Conditions where supposed to be a slight breeze with a 1 to 3 foot wind swell. We get about 2 or 3 miles outside the harbor and while it wasn't exactly Victory at SEA type conditions there was a very slight resemblance. 6 foot northwest wind swell, crossed, ripply, lumpy seas,and 10knots of wind from the southeast + overcast = a few airbornes, some spray a lot of slamming and some kidney jarring good times. I swear somewhere in the back of my mind I heard the Waylon Jennings theme song. Yee ha LOL . That and flashbacks of the car jumping the hay bales... it was that kind of a ride. At least thats what 1 of the guys said ,that and next time he ll seriously think about bringing a cup or a cushion. It was that lumpy and he was sitting in front of the Center Console....poor guys got airborne a few times . After 15 mins of that I had 2 more guys for company at the leaning post......Go figure 8-) In any case we reach Ship Rock in about an hour and a half or so I guestimated. It was way too rough to look at the phone. About 6 or 7 miles from the Island and it starts to mellow out a little bit. Ironically last the time I drove a skiff like this was in Alaska and it was way smoother. On to the actual fishing.

    So the original plan was to aim for Avalon. Then go either to the Condo's 1st or the cans and then to Avalon to pick up a1/2 scoop of Squirts from the Long Beach Carnage. We would then work our way around the back and hit spots while working our way to 2 harbors and finish off on the West End and then go home. That's why we only got a scoop of Sardines. Had I known the day was going to turn out the way it did, I would have grabbed an extra half scoop of Dines'. Instead what ended up happening was I had to quarter my way upswell due to conditions and we ended up at Ship Rock. I was hoping to hit the outside edge and maybe picking off a Yellow or 2 but the wind was still blowing and I couldn t set up right. Did I mention this was my 1st time to Catalina on a skiff? and I was the Capt..

    Ryan had shown us in the morning how to pull up previously marked fishing spots on the Gps/fishfinder. He had also supplied me with reports on where the fish were biting the 2 previous days. Mostly on the South and East end of the Island. In any case I set up on the upwind side of the rock, which was the southeast side of the rock. Metered around a little bit and then finally went for it. I didn't see the right kind but the fishfinder was showing a lot of life. So I set up the drift and told the guys to wait until I told them to throw in. Dave throws in and gets bit . We' re questioning it because of the drift and breeze but he insists that he was bit. We drift off the spot and I have to manuever back into a good drift and watch out for 2 other boats. Round 2 and I tell them to throw . They all get bit and Calico's start to come over . Everything was legal or better up to 3lbs.. We do this for a few more times and they get Calico's on each drift. Finally after the 5th drift or so I feel comfortable enough to throw a line and get 1 of my own. It wasn't all bad I had a great time .

    The water was clear. We could see the bottom in 35' of water no problem. We watched a huge school of Sardines go underneath us, saw a few Calico's and some Garibaldi's. It kept me occupied while I was making sure we didn't drift into the Rock. I watched a Sealion hop up on the rock and then the Terns started to work. We were hoping it was going to be the start of something,but nothing came of it.

    The guys didn't think it was fair that I had to constantly monitor the drift and couldn't fish, so we opted to go somewhere else. That spot ended up to be a bite every cast as far as Calico's and Pat got a Garibaldi on the Flatfall legit. As in it was hooked in the lips. We ended up working our way down to Avalon. We hit 3 different spots. A beach by Yellowtail point and 1spot in between Gibraltar and we passed quite a few boats. Nobody was hooked up and we were only getting a few Calico's here and there. We decided to anchor up at Gibraltar but the wind was still up and the anchor was dragging. We had a few bites there but decided to keep going. We could only go at half speed or we were going to get sprayed.

    We ended up going around Long point and anchored up. This is what happened........( Caution Video rated R mild cursing and general douchebaggery on my part.)

    We started with long soaks and a few flylined Macks and Dines'. Dave was the 1st to hookup and after a short fight it came unbuttoned. Then Pat was up. Long soak with a 2lb. Mack. Definetely the right kind. He fights it for a few mins and then he busts off. Dave hooks up again and so does Pat. I hookup and lose 1. I think we went 3 for 12 or so. All 3 of those fish were wrapped up in broken off lines with kelp and wrapped around the Anchor line. We worked hard to get those fish. As the day went on we had a few breakoffs and quite a few missed hookups. If we didn't run out of bait I think we definitely would have got a few more. Dave did a last minute Hail Mary long soak and was rewarded with a Legit hookup on a 5' foot Leopard shark. It swalllowed the Mackerel whole. At 1st we thought Dave had a big lazy Yellow. But it was the Leopard shark..who wasn t happy and smacked the boat to show it's displeasure. After that we ran out of Bait and headed home across the channel. The conditions in the channel was just a step above glassy and it was an easy 45 min. run back. We tried to hit up Horeshoe kelp but it wasn't working out. We then hit the Long Beach entrance and a short jetty on the inside for nada. After that it was a short run in, where we tied up and Ryan filleted the fish for us.

    I had the best trip in a long time fishing with you guys . I was really glad it turned into a good trip. I was worried I would have to resort to whitefish and rockfish. To hit it out of the Ballpark my 1st time :p. Thank you Dave (especially for filming ) Pat and Jacob I enjoyed fishing and hanging out with you guys and we'll definitely do it again.

    Sorry for the long winded report ... I hope you enjoy it.
    Thanks for reading
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    Great vid. I want to fish with Capt Mike! Puts his buddies on fish on a borrowed boat and keeps everyone on point. Not easy! Sometimes you gotta tell them not to worry about the tiny piece of kelp and focus on the fish.
    Nice work man
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