Patty hopping out of Dp


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Sep 25, 2013
22' bayrunner
Had plans for Sd, but one of my trailer tires blew out on the 5 in tustin. After calling sea tow and waiting a few hours to get back on the road, Sd plans were out the window. Decided to launch out of dp instead of calling it quits. We were on the water at 930. Picked up some dines and headed off shore. About 23 miles out we hit or first Patty, Los of bait, but no action. A mile later another, same story. A few more miles and I spot one with a bird on top. First cast my brother hooked up, hook pulled a minute later. My first cast I'm hooked up, after a nice fight my brother gafs it. 8 pound yellowtail. One more farmed hit on my part, then bite ends. Started heading back and was stopped about 20 miles out by customs. After a search and a few questions, we were on or way in. Not the worst day on the water, just happy to be able to get out there...