Offshore Patty Fun 7/25/21


  • Aug 12, 2020
    San Diego
    Little Marange
    TLDR: left SD bay at 5:30ish got a half scoop of good bait. Headed down to the 371 and near the islands we marked tons of fish. Got one and moved on to the 371 and found a patty all to ourselves (for most of the day). Water was 68.xx down there and the fish were active. Went 4 of 9 for two of us. Lost a few in the kelp and two on a triple hook up with two guys so can’t complain about those.

    The plan was to fish Saturday but I had a buddy in the military coming in to visit starting late morning Saturday. I figured I could push off the trip till Sunday so that he could join. Good thing I did because Saturday afternoon I got a text from one of the guys saying he was out and at 11:30 PM Saturday night, the other local buddy bailed. Loaded the truck and trailer solo. Picked up my buddy from out of town and we headed down to the ramp. Ended up taking off right around 5:30 and went to get bait. Pretty slow morning and the water was glassy so that was great. Plan was to hit the 371 and hope to find a patty down there. We point it towards the islands as I give my buddy a crash course in deep sea patty/tuna and conventional reel fishing. We come across some bird signs just west of north island so we throw a troller out and keep moving south. Shortly after we see a decent sized patty and start to mark some fish. We drop some baits and he gets hooked up! He’s reeling and complaining he’s not getting any line so I tighten the drag a click or two. Fish keeps making runs on him and I’m sitting back enjoying the struggle. He finally gets it to the boat and we land the first fish of the day so the skunk pressure is off me now. We hang around with some super soaker baits for a bit and then decide to move on.

    Not seeing any signs of life or patties on the way to the 371 I am starting to think that leaving fish to find fish was a bad idea. Then, we get to the 371 and see a couple PB on a patty but weren’t sure if they were bent. So now we’ve gotta find a patty in the same zone as what I would assume is a patty holding fish – all the while, we didn’t see anything on the way down. Few mins of driving and we found one. Drop our lines in and wait a bit. Few mins later nothing, so we get up closer to the patty and drop in another set of baits. Then it’s on. I get bit (which felt nice after a month of blue fin fishing) and work the guy back to the boat. Few turns when he sees the boat and we finally get him landed. Next pass was able to get another but this time my buddy gets it wrapped in the kelp. I pull us up close and to my surprise see the fish still on the line all tangled up. I position the boat to get a decent look at the fish and get a gaff on him without messing with the meat or hook. After a while of marking fish lower, I decide to put out a sinker rig with the clicker on in the rod holder while we fished our flylines. Then I get picked up again. As I’m fighting the sinker rig starts going off so my buddy puts his rod in the holder and grabs the sinker rig. He starts fighting that one and I move to the back of the boat to fight mine, then boom! His flyline in the rood holder goes off. I’m now reeling my fish wile occasionally reeling his to try and keep the tension on the line. Eventually, we lose everything but mine. We get it to the boat and I let him gaff it which was fun to watch. We circle back on the patty slow trolling his bait and boom he gets picked up just off the patty. This one was peeling line at a pretty nice clip and I selfishly throw a bait in. I get picked up immediately and start working it. It looks like he’s getting some line back so I panic, since I want to make sure and be able to gaff his fish. I button down my drag and think it’s a good idea to muscle mine in. Well, it wasn’t, I snap mine off. Then I hear him start yelling about his fish running to the patty and I immediately throw us in gear to get him over there. We ended up trading a hook in a fish for a hook in a kelp patty and subsequently a hook in my finger.

    His line is frayed and mine is popped so I retie his leader and start going on mine. Then two boats decide our patty is fair game and come flying at opposite directions as if it’s a school of foamers. They both pretend were not 40 yards down current from the patty and situation directly on it. All 6 guys start jigging like they’re trying to snag something on the way and I frustratedly slide us back into a respectful position. After the commotion and the added pressure, we stop marking and things go real quiet. We decide to call it and head into the first patty we came across in the AM. We couldn’t find it on the way back but didn’t see the same amount of life as before. We did come across one of the biggest pods of porpoise I’ve ever seen so that was a fun ride in. Water near the islands broke 70 at one point but we were catching fish in 68 water out at the 371. My buddy had a 40# set up with a 30# leader, I had a 25# set up with 20# leader. Both of us were using ringed mutu circle hooks and part of me wants to attribute that to some of the lost fish but more than likely its simply that we just aren’t good fishermen. Overall we went 4 of 9 so although we should have done better it was an awesome day and we left some good grade YT out there for next time.

    As always, shameless plug: Feel free to go follow @little_Marange on Instagram if you'd like to see more of us being idiots on a small boat.






  • Jul 18, 2008
    22 glasstron
    Those are big fish. You’re doing fine. Keep it up. Hard to get bit and keep the weed off with the lighter line. I usually let one run long and soak if we have more fish on than we have anglers. Get them to gaff, multiples can be done.

    Have 2 gaffs. I like a 6’ gaff with a medium-small sized hook for skiffs, agile reach. If you’re both circling at color, get away from each other.
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