Painting honkers

Mean Gene

Old Fat Guy
Oct 27, 2013
Ennis, Montana
The Searcher
Right now I have no place to carve, but I do have a few honker floaters that need paint, so the last couple days I've worked on them. For these I decided to try Valspar exterior latex from Home Depot instead of the oil based Ronan's I usually use. Of course that means starting from scratch on colors, but hey, experimenting with those is part of the fun. I found some colors for bases that I think will work, at least for now, and went ahead and got one bird to the "done" stage.

Just thought I'd try something different with the water based paint as it's easy to obtain, cheaper than the Ronan's and doesn't stink. If nothing else it kills time. LOL! Here's what I started with, and where I am at so far.

1 pre.jpg
2 pre.jpg
3 pre.jpg
B 001.jpg
B 002.jpg
B 003.jpg
B 004.jpg
B 005.jpg