Offshore Paddy daddy

Ryan js

May 24, 2020
Ryan Sallinger
17 foot whaler
Went out of San Diego bay today (7-26). Got a really good scoop of bait with mixed small to medium macs. Went out to the 182 looked around for bluefin. It was just dolphin trolled through them a few times for nothing so we headed south for kelp yellows and I am glad we did. First 2 kelps were duds but third one was more like a weed patch not really a kelp but decided to give it a minute and one bait and 30 seconds later I am bit. Hand it to my friend (first time off shore) she pulls it in a nice 8 pound yellow her first one too. My other buddy throws in 30 seconds he is bit (his first time off shore too) bring this as boy in and it is a 12 pound yellow. I throw back on Instant bit but runs me back in the kelp and breaks me off. I am only using 20 pound because it is more fun that way. After 2 more drifts my dad hooks up and he brings it in and let the noobies try gaffing best thing I have ever seen in my life. But after that fish the paddy thing we were fishing dried up so off to the next one. We only get one bite on this one and hook pulled. Next one. Threw a jig on this one first cast 10 good sized yellows fallow my jig hook 2 on bait loose them both to hook pulls and kelp but we did get 2 off this paddy one on the candy mac too. Next paddy and last paddy role up on it same thing as last one cast a jig and 10 20 pound yellows fallow my jig and I see them following and then I one hits it and I am on but the other yellows were fighting for my iron in it’s mouth really cool to see. Get this one up and on the boat and by buddy gets one on bait as well. Decided to call it at that still had a boat ride back to the harbor. Ended up with 7 yellows in the 8-20 pound range really fun fishing and constant action all day. Although no magic paddy but it is what it is.