Offshore Pacifica 1.5 06-18-21

Shimano Penn

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Dec 3, 2014
Chula Vista
Fond Memory
We left Seaforth at 9pm and were fishing by 12:00. Weather was great, calm conditions but unfortunately no sunshine all day Saturday. Easy to keep line straight up and down, made finding depths simple. I Hooked up at 4 am, second fish of the night. I was using a Savage Gear 280g Squish, 70 Centaur and HXW Raptor, 200 lb leader on the jig. Made short work of a 54# BFT. Easy. Only 5 caught that first night, one at 125 the rest all 50lb class. Daylight saw little action all morning, one got picked up on a stop (~50 on bait). Best stop was 5 more ~50’s at maybe 10-11:00, all sinker rig sardines. Then slow pickings until a really good stop late afternoon, nearly all fish on flyline or sinker rigs. I did not get a bite all day, kept trying the jig to stay out of the combat fray at the stern. Tangles, lost fish, the usual. Still the group managed another 10 so 21 on board at sunset. After dark it was a mix of flyline, sinker and jig. I finally got my second hit (same jig) at 8pm, 16 hours after the first. Another quick, fun fight on a 50# class fish. It was at the surface right along the hull, the boat’s own shadow made it impossible to see for either me or the deck hand who was trying to gaff it. Out of nowhere another hooked up angler arrives with his fish at the surface in the dark as well. None of us actually saw what happened but the two fish collided, there was a big pull on my line and my jig bounced up out of the water into the air. My freezers are already full, I would have given the fish away anyway. I’m calling it a catch and release 😉