Offshore Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4


Dec 21, 2006
San Clemente
30' Albemarle
Short version - 22 nice grade yellows for 34 anglers, good variety of fish with quality Lings, a few larger unit bonito, and excellent rock fishing.

Long version - Left the dock from Fishermans at 7:00 pm, Captain Gavin already had filled the bait tanks with sardines so we bee lined to Punta Colnett, 110 miles or so south. We arrived at the high spot at 7:20, looked around for a school of yellowtail for an hour before our first stop. Water was clean and 63, tons of birds flying and splashing around, with much nicer weather than the forecast, at least for the morning. No love for anyone on our first stop, but on our second stop guys started hooking up as soon as they cranked up off the bottom. I was using a Salas 7X blue and white, it was nailed about 10 cranks off the bottom on my first drop. Had a pig yellow on for about 2 minutes on 50, it was pulling drag hard and I never made any headway on it before the hook pulled. Doh! 11 yellows from 15 - 25 pounds hit the deck there. Next stop I hooked up again and the hook didn’t pull this time, landed a decent yellow on a scrambled egg Salas 6X on 60 lb test.

From what I could tell, color of lure didn’t seem to matter much. Saw fish caught on mint, white, red, blue/white, green, etc. But using the larger yo yo irons, burning them through the lower third of the water column, dropping back down and repeating was the ticket. There were also a handful of 10 pound plus bonito caught in the upper column of water on the iron. As Gavin wasn’t metering much in terms of yellowtail, we switched over to rockfish late morning, our count was now up to 20 yellowtail.

I believe the rock fishing at Colnett was much better than last year. We caught boat limits of reds, whitefish, salmon grouper, Mexican rockfish and a few other types of rockfish. Some very nice Ling cod came over the rail as well. I caught 3 keepers lings, all on the largest sardines I could find. I did get one Mexican rockfish on a Ahi jig, that immediately threw up a freshly eaten anchovy on deck. WTF was a freshly eaten six inch anchovy doing in the stomach of a fish I just brought up from 400 feet deep? We had straight sardines for live bait, go figure.

After we had limits of rockfish we looked around for yellows again for the rest of the afternoon. Gavin wasn’t seeing much signal of yellowtail but we stopped a few times and put a couple more on board. I gave a Carolina rig a try with the largest sardine I could find, using a 3 oz sinker, and hooked a yellow in the bottom third of the water column. Had it to deep color on 30 lb test and it just unbuttoned. Oh well, great day on the water just the same.

Conspicuous by their absence were the red crabs. Never saw one the entire day, compared to past years at Colnett where the cod and yellows are puking them up everywhere. Could that be why the rock fishing was so much better this year but the yellows weren’t there in force? I don’t know.

Gavin and crew did a great job as usual. They were on top on each tangle and fish gaffing and unhooking, really like fishing with that crew. If there’s yellows to be caught at Colnett, Gavin is the man who will find them. It was rather sloppy, windy and wet on the ride home, I give the crew a lot of credit for working their asses off in those conditions.

Now for shameful plug, I was recently able to purchase a larger boat with my boat partner, so our 25’ Hydra Sport walk around is now for sale. Here’s the link to my BD ad, this boat is super sweet in terms of electronics with very little hours on the engine and transmission. Someone’s going to get this sweet ride.

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May 23, 2006
Around the Way
Damn Don, your very good about being at Colonet at the crack of New Year!!!

Sounds like a fun trip. Great write up and pics.

After all the delays I’ve faced I see Dr Barnett again at the end of the month. Who knows maybe Zack and I will be seeing you on the water for new year 2021.
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Long Time Tuna Abused Member
  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
    Great Report and fish Don....Many a moon I rode old BG90,
    Apollo, Indian, PQ, etc. to Colonet in all sorts of weather. The fishing
    was like the weather, you never knew what you were in for. LOL
    Glad you all got some nice fish and had a great trip.
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