Offshore Pacífica 1.5 day


Apr 28, 2006
San Diego
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Got in this morning on the Pacifica. I’ll give you the short report since our counts weren’t great. We fished the Ensenada zone with the fleet and got to the grounds around 1am Saturday morning. First stop we got 6 smaller bft in the 20lb range, i was one of those lucky ones. After that it was scratch fishing until we had to call it a trip around 1030pm. Weather was ok, crew was great, and everyone got along. Most fish came on jigs, even during the day jigs out fished bait. As far as the jigs that worked, basically everything did, it was luck of the draw getting one in front of their faces. The fish stayed deep, never really came above 100’. Some boats got limits but we didn’t, only 12 for our efforts but that’s fishing. Don’t that deter you from riding the Pacífica, all around great boat and great crew. Water was still pretty cold too but it’s close to popping, just need some more stable weather and a few more degrees in the water. Good luck out there