Overnight on the Freedom 22nd St 8/7-8-8


  • Jul 2, 2016
    Redondo Beach, CA
    Hey guys newbie here had a buddy that swore by this board years ago been a lurker but figured my post might help.

    23 people on the boat left Friday night at 10 pm returned at 8:30 ish on Saturday.

    As we woke up we were set up about 5-6 miles south west of the point of San Clemente Island at 6 am. Lots of boats in the area. We got on a few spots but the fish were at 60-90 feet. No one got a sniff.

    Captain said no one has had anything hitting on the sonar from any of the boats.

    The Captain kept us informed all day on just how bad the situation was but I respect the man for telling us.

    We patty hopped and chased Tuna most of the morning. We saw a small school of 20-25lb yft gleefully playing in the water chasing baitfish that was not ours. They were hopping in and out of the water it was really cool to see.

    Did this most of the day, a big yft (estimated at 150 lbs) jumped in front of the boat and we stopped but no hits.

    We ended up at the front side of SCI at about 1 PM and caught Bonito, calicos and one guy pulled in a 20lb halibut which took the jackpot.

    As we were pulling out a guy hooked up on a 15lb yellow but that was the extent of the excitement.

    Water temp ranged from 65-69.
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