Offshore Overnight on mackerel bank


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Aug 3, 2017
San Diego
Boat Name
Parker 2310
Fun trip!!!! But went 0 for 4 on the BFT. Left MB Sunday morning at 5am with 1 scoop of bait, some mackerel from dock mate, kite gear, and madmacs. Pointed boat directly into windswell and bounced our way to mack Bank.
Stop to pee halfway and see dorado jumping everywhere. My norcal friends want some but can't get them to bite, I told them we need to keep moving.

Get there and it's wide open - all you want - foamers and weekend warriors. We instantly hook up on madmac and it throws the hook. Quickly we hook up again only this time the fish bit through the leader (100lb) and took my madmac. No more foamers, wind picks up, fish we are bored, i guess the fish moved closer to cat. We tangled our mad macs and got frustrated. Stop for some noodle soup on Lee side of island around 5pm. Seeing an army of sportboats heading north we figured they were after the night bite up there. We followed them , I mean of course we didn't follow them we came up with the idea on our own ;-)

We get up to top of island... a few miles NE. Friend puts a mack on 40lb test on spinner rod. yeaaaah anyway, gets bit, zing pow. Line breaks. 30 mins later I got bit on 60lb with a mack and fish dumps 2/3 of line from 40nld2 with drag at 20 pounds. We chase fish with boat for 15 mins and hook pulls. Womp Womp. Now that was a nice big angry BFT. Sun goes down and I go to bed. The guys try to mark fish here and there but get bored. Wind gets cold and swell picks and they slowly drifted the boat back to mack bank. I wake up on mack Bank to stiff breeze, no weekend warriors, and the guys flylining some mackerel on some fish marks. Nothing comes of it so out come the madmacs. We troll for a few hours locating foamers, driving through them, wrapping them, nothing! We stop around 12pm and fly downswell back to MB. Fun trip, overnights are blast. So much more fishing time relative to "driving".. just wish we would have landed one of the 4 hookups!!!!