Offshore Overnight 10/8-9

Dave R

  • Apr 18, 2019
    Fallbrook, Ca
    Dave Rybka
    Went out on the Producer out of H&M landing. Had this trip planned a few months back with a buddy and got another kayak fishing buddy to jump on a few weeks ago. Skies were clearing on the way out to the bait barge and it looked like a great change from the rainy weather earlier that day. Headed out grabbed a beer and went to bed around 11. Boat was rolling around a bunch and decided to get up around 5am. There was some swell so we were moving around quite a bit. Just after gray light we made our way to a marked Paddy and slowed up to it once we had good light. there were some rat yellows there and we managed to get some to bite. that bite dies our pretty quick so we ran to another marked kelp for a few more rat Yellows. In the same small area we found a few other small kept and picked a few more rat Yellows and 1 or 2 Dodos. The sun came out around 10 with sporadic clouds and the swell calmed down, pretty nice day to be on a boat. We did a lot of searching and late in the afternoon we found a real nice kelp that seemed to have life on it. you could see a ton of bail fish or baby yellows hugging tight to the kelp. Out of no where we see the biggest school of Dorado I have ever seen! A few hundred! The crew threw 3-4 scoops at them and we all baited up and got in the water but the Dodos had no reaction, no interest in the bait. I've seen wolfpacks of Dodos ravenously eating before but this group was not that, they were chillin, just slow swimming and not interested in bait. a few of us threw some colt snipers into the mix but still no bitters. My buddy did manage to get the single dodo on that kelp. His fly-lined bait swam straight into the school and got snatched up. After not getting the reaction and see that school come and go underneath us multiple times we ended up having to move on. So heart breaking to see so many quality fish and not being able to capitalize! We ended up stopping on a few more kelps but nothing to speak of. All in all not the day we were hoping for but most everyone @ least caught some rat Yellows for tacos. The counts the day before were good and counts after us were worse so...…..that's fishing. I'll be back on the water next week for my last 1.5 of the season …..unless a bite picks up and I call in sick from work....again!


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  • Jul 29, 2010
    Long Beach, CA, USA
    whichever has the longest bunk
    I've seen those schools too several times. Frustrating for sure! I think that they are spawning when they are swimming together like that, and they have other things on their minds besides food.
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