Inshore Outside and Inside-July 11th

John S.

Aug 4, 2008
Valley Center, CA
1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A
Left Dana Landing at 630 and got a good half scoop of saradines and headed out. Seas were a little mixed on the inside but it was nice outside. Water never got below 71 for us. Awesome water color. Found some great paddies for nothing. Found a group of Bluefin up top but they would not stay up. Tried everything. Huge one rolled on bait near where my flyline dean on 30 pound was swimming but no go. Didn’t matter. There was no way I could have stopped him if he took the dine. Worked our way back inside to LJ. Slammed the Calicos on saradines and got one on the fly rod. Back at the dock by 2. It really looked good out there. I was seriously looking for Dorado and considered dragging a Marlin lure.