Offshore Outrider 6/18 - 6-20

James Taylor

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Jan 7, 2019
Cypress, Ca
James Taylor
Went out on the outrider this weekend. Captain jeff walker, sal in the galley and teddy on deck. And the night captain.

Only a 3 or 4 hour run to the zone. What worked for us was flyline on 30 or 40 lb and sinker rig on 40 or 50 lb. All day we were flylining and using sinker rig.

I brought 5 setups this trip, 30 40 60 80 and 100. I landed a couple 25-30 lb fish flylining on my 30 lb setup, fathom 15 star drag and ce800monster.

Landed a sinker rig fish on the 40 lb setup, a ce800delmar and Mak 10sea. 30’ of 40 lb blue label to a ringed 1/0 mutu. Rubber band 4OZ sinker 4’ above the hook and dropped this sardine slow.

Got picked up 5-10 minutes into the sinker rig soak and knew this was a bit nicer fish compared to the smaller ones we had been getting. Fought it for 10 mins and got it on deck, a nice 50-60lb model. it was my first fish on the mak 10/800 delmar and man that setup is fantastic. The reel has some balls!! Same with the rod, it handled that fish with ease

Then in the afternoon flylining with the 30lb rig fathom 15/800monster. With 30LB Braid to 30’ of yozuri pink and a size 4 owner gorilla or size 2 94140. hooked into a nicer model and knew after 5 mins this wasnt going to be a quick fight. After a few laps we settled in to the corner and kept gaining and taking line. So i upped the drag but had a hard time with the light gear and after 10 minutes the braid snaps just outside the tip.

Oh well shit happens but i Learned a few things from this. One thing learned is im taking off the 30 lb braid and putting on 50lb. The braid probably rubbed on something during the fight and turned into 20 lb braid. Plus it cuts the hell out of my fingers. Second thing i learned was i need a beefier 30 lb rod like a us80 tilefish jr. the 800monster is great on smaller grade stuff but on that fish the rod just kept bending.

we flew the kite all day for 1 taker. A nice fish well over 100. We fished sunday till 2 am dropping jigs in the dark but they werent interested in jigs.

Another great trip on the outrider.

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Great post. Very informative. Quick question. I have a ce mega with a Lexa loaded with max cuatro 65 and consider it my #30 and the ce monster with a fathom 25 loaded with 65 mac cuatro a #40 but you were feeling pretty over matched with your monster. Maybe if you have a moment you could elaborate
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James Taylor
James Taylor
@huntconrad there was not a clear shut off point. It just kept bending instead of lifting. Fun rod for the 20-50 lb fish though
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