Out where the BIG boys play


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Mar 18, 2012
Boat Name
Florida Fisherman
Out where the BIG boys play
This Is Our Florida

Before we share the many wonders of our Paradise on Earth, let's take a look at the real Florida. Watch in amazement as you see a 26.8 pound American Red Snapper brought to gaff.
Watch to the very end where you will see a mountain of fish that staggers the imagination:

As a Florida native I grew up in a Florida that was the least populated of all the southern states. Now Florida is the third most populous state in the entire country.
Fishing pressure is heaver than we could have imagined even a few short years ago. However, due to an eye on the future, and proper management, fishing in the Sunshine State remains fantastic.
Florida fishing has something for everyone.
OH! How relaxing fishing for Speckled Perch from a one girl boat on a wooded Florida lake:

Hey! The guys like that too.
Like to fish inshore Florida waters? Florida's Speckled Trout is fun to catch & is more than welcome as the guest of honor at the finest of dinner tables:

Fantastic fishing! And that's just the beginning.
As we leave the shallow wooded Florida lakes, and the home of the Speckled Trout, the Sunshine State's deep sea fishing is a whole new ballgame.
'Fishing pressure is heaver than we could have imagined even a few short years ago.' Not Out where the BIG boys play.
As we approach the 200 foot mark we seldom see another boat.
3:00 P.M. the Florida Fisherman ll is ready and so are we.
Destination: The far off deep-water snapper, grouper, banks.
A good omen... In what has become known as the Great Line Toss Will hits the gold!

The best of times:

We are out of here:

In Central Florida waters seldom do we see an American Red Snapper over 20 pounds.
This All-American beauty hit the scales at 26.8 pounds.

Even our Captain, Captain Dave Singletary, is amazed at the size of this American beauty:

Extremely fun to catch and worth a small fortune. Fulton fish marked sells whole Red Snapper for $39.99 for a 1.5 pound fish. And, after numerous days on the boat and at the market, this very expensive Red Snapper is far, very far, from the really fresh American Red Snapper we catch ourselves.
Ever wonder why so many are willing to travel thousands of miles to fish our Florida waters?
Wonder no more!

American Red Snapper... Fun to catch and at the very top of the best eating fish ever to swim. And, in Florida, that's just the beginning.
The highly prized Gag Grouper. A stronger-than-strong fighter and fantastic eating:

This young man, this fisherman, is 'hooked' for the rest of his life:


Talk about some good eating fish... American Red Snapper and Scamp Grouper. It just does not get any better than that.

Talk about speed, talk about a real fighter:

Guys & Girls, catch Gag Grouper while you can. This year the season runs through the remainder of the year.
Next years Gag season will be short, very short:

It's been a long fish catching night-day:

Hungry yet? Not for long!

See those blankets on our bunks? They are needed even in July. The Florida's huge AC system plays no games.
Our version of roughing it... Fantastic fishing, hot shower, fabulous food, and a cool, comfortable, bunk.
See you back at the dock:

This is our Florida. This is...

Until next time we say good by to Florida Fishing and...

Due to an eye on the future, and proper management, fishing in the Sunshine State remains fantastic. Fantastic for us, our children, and our children's children. After all!
This Is Our Florida
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