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Oct 19, 2008
The Land of Entrapment
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A Pair of Simms G3 Waders
Hopped on Jimmy's Ultra Limited (20 guys) on the Pac Star. Jimmy is a solid dude and if you ever have a chance to hop on, be ready to laugh. A lot...

With a choice of smaller schoolies down south or a shot a larger models on the banks, we chose the banks. Woke up with Cortez in sight and drifted for a crazy number of yellowtail. Most were in the 10-15# range, with enough in the 18-22# range to keep it honest. The yellowfin were slower with perhaps 7 boated first day with jackpot being in the low 30's.

Overnight, we ran to Tanner with word of better grade yellowtail and were not disappointed. I plucked 3 on the dropper that must a have been brothers. They all weighed at 5 Star at 24-25#'s. Managed a couple more on fly lining in the 18-20# range, and grabbed a 25# tuna weighed out. Finished back on Cortez. Jackpot was a YFT, probably high 30's- a real nice fish.

C&R'd a shitload of YT (yellow trout is what I took to calling them), skippies, and boners. Wasn't hardy a time when something wasn't on the hook- it just wasn't always the right kind. Even kept a few monster goats, the likes of which I'd not seen in years.

Just to make it "El Nino" weird, we released a brute BSB, and even boated a cuda.. Go figure. The boat ended up with 4 Bluefin, 37 yellowfin, and (give or take) 135 yellowtail. Meat for the freezer and some laughs.

This was probably the end of my off-shore days. With a recent shoulder surgery and retirement in a few weeks where we'll be on the road full time, and my fishing partner (my son) in the army now, it was a fitting end to some of the best of times. Even in the slower seasons, just getting out made the long days at work a little better. And, with that, best wishes and tight lines to you all.

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    You won't get away that easy. I predict "On the road full time" will turn into On the road to Oregon for albies, on the road to alaska for Kings and Halibut, on the road to SD for exotics, on the road to…..
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