Osborn Bank 10-16 ..failed

Apr 28, 2015
Nikolay Ivanov
26 Searay Sundancer
We were headed from Cabrillo marina 5AM to Osborn. Weather threw us a curve ball and the swell period was too short and made it for very rough ride. We were there on 10-13 and caught few YFT up to 25lb. One short bite. We had best luck slow trolling. We tried the chovies without any luck while others were catching them left and right on the little buggers. The problem as the report I read was the seiners we would assume. We then moved around the SBI and caught 6 YT up to 20lb. The YT moved from the usual spot but we found them after some trolling.
Now ... to the today's report 10-16 ...
Rough weather and decided to stick to the back side of Catalina instead of going for leftovers at Osborn bank and SBI. About 2 miles past Farnsworth bank /did not produce for us/, we saw thousands of dolphins everywhere. We trolled and hooked up twice on small YFT's. Landed one of them footbal size. Failed to get them to stick to the boat with chum and chovies. There was a ton of bait marks in the water there about 1000' bottom and about 2 miles from shore. We were headed for the V's. Anyway in few minutes all the dolphins disappeared :) and we couldn't stick with the YFT's and moved on to fish for YT and bottom fish. In general slow fishing and bumpy ride :)
Good luck to all over the weekend. Hope you guys find the school of tuna near Catalina they are there.
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