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Mar 25, 2015
At Thresher Boats we are also currently in the works of launching a Thresher 22 Pilot House Model, a new re-designed Thresher 24 (more aggressive bow / hull design) and to wrap up our portfolio we will eventually offer a Thresher 26/28? "Full Walk-Around Overnighter".

-Tight lines and Bloody Decks!

Thanks for the info Brandon. I would be interested in checking out your new re-designed 24. Is it available yet and do you have performance specs (top speed, cruise speed, mpg) and estimated price? Thanks.
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  • Sep 4, 2016
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    Yup... had my 2016 for 3 years, now. I've pretty much lived at the Nados and also been out 20-30 miles killing tuna recently. I'll be looking to sell, only because I'll be retiring again next year and leaving the state. Only 375 hours on the engine and the 300 hour service was done at WOT Marine this year.

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    Jun 27, 2019
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    Greetings, I thought I would post a quick reply. We have one of the newer hulls that was made in Ensenada. We have about 350 hours on the boat since July 19 and we are still very happy with the boat. The amount of dead-rise on a vessel this size means we can fish pretty much anywhere we want to go in SoCal waters. Fishing two people offshore is comfortable, I don't think I would want to go 3 people offshore, but 3-4 people bay fishing or hitting the kelp is comfortable. About 9 months into to heavy use we have not had any hull issues. We opted for the mercury instead of the Honda and have not had any issues there either. Normal Socal days, light wind in the morning, heavier west wind in the afternoon is no problem for the boat and is dry. We've been out in heavier stuff and it's a little wet but still very fish-able. Reading through some of the other posts, I'm not the guy who can comment on hull thickness, composition, manufacture, or some of the other stuff that guys have posted here but I can tell we have run this boat HARD and not had any issues, no stress cracks, or spiderwebs anywhere on the boat. In October we took a wave so hard outside of Point Loma that the vertical post of the t-top had a weld crack. It was replaced by the manufacture immediately and the guys at Thresher had us back out on the water in a week, but my point here is this, We took a hit hard enough to crack a shaky weld and there was no problem with the hull. The guys at thresher are awesome and always there to answer questions whenever we have them. The turn-around on the t-top was literally less than a week. I know this not a forum to sell boats and I'm not trying to, I'm just a super stoked owner. I will be the first in line if they ever make a 28'.

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    Feb 26, 2018
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    Brandon had his shit dial

    I just wanted to throw a great review for Brandon and PJ at thresher boats out of san Clemente. They're going up against the top comp with their center console skiffs and their product is top knotch. I've had a thresher for the past 3 years and it's been a fish killing machine. The way the boys at thresher set you up with what you need is unheard of. You literally build your boat with their expert advice and recommendations and turn it into the exact boat that you want. I've had one for the last 3 summers and I am 110% happy with my decision of going with thresher boats. Get on the fish with their knowledge of what you need. Tight lines boys