Offshore One stop limits 11/11



Tuna Twin
May 30, 2014
San Diego, CA
Tiderunner 195 "Tuna Twins"
Left SD bay with my girlfriend at about 6:30 am heading towards the 226. About 5 miles short of our numbers we saw a couple boils, so we slowed down the boat and then saw a couple fish jump out of the water. I threw a dipper and they blew up on it all around the boat. We got baits in the water and got a double and proceeded to catch fish on pretty much every bait that hit the water until we had our limits at about 8:30. Chumming was not necessary to keep them close as it seemed like there was just a huge volume of fish all around us but it was fun to throw a dipper and watch them blow up. We left them biting and all the sardines that were under our boat quickly got exploded on as we pulled away. We went out in search of kelps for yellowtail and found one where we pulled a couple 10 lbers off. Then it turned into WFO yellowfin again and we had to start releasing them. We went in because we couldn't avoid the tuna and already had our limit and got back to the dock at 11. Not bad for November!

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