One last crack at the gobblers


Keepin my pimp hand strong!
Mar 4, 2005
Picked up Mark early afternoon on Friday and headed up to where the gang has been having some success with the local long beards. David and Mason met us later and we shot the shit around the camp for a bit before heading out to listen for some birds. Dave already has one bird in the freezer. We saw some random birds on Friday and some sign so we picked our spots and drank some beers around the fire to make our plans.
4:30 and we are off on Sat am. Wind is up but not that bad. Talk about weird. No life, no birds, no rabbits just nothin. This was to be it all day long.We changed up and headed up to BLM land to sight in some new scopes, chrono some loads and just have some fun with Mark's .204. Damn that thing sizzles at almost 4000 fps. On the way we come across a roll over with two young guys that rolled their jeep. Damn, what a day for them. We pulled them out of the trail and got them to the side so they wouldn't get hit or stop traffic coming by. Just glad these young fellas had seat belts on and were ok, the jeep was FUCKED squared. Anyway, on to shooting. I'm really happy with my new 165 grainer load on the ar10. 43.5 grains H4895 with no pressure signs. I might push it up a bit but getting 2700 fps out of a .308 with that load is pretty good.
Sunday a whole new day. We get to the spot and there's no wind and life is good all over for all the local critters. Birds chirpin, rabbits goin at it, just how it should be. First rip on the box call and away we go. One, two, three gobblers within range. It's on now!! A big tom is working his way straight to us but his ol lady has second thoughts and stalls our plan. He will answer every time and I'm getting a twitchy trigger finger. They stall, move some and then cross right in front of us but the hen is the only one within range. We gave some purrs trying to bring the ol boy close but it wasn't going to happen today. We watched them go round the corner and disappear into the oak groves. A bit later we had a different talkative gobbler going but he wouldn't leave his girls either and we couldn't get any closer without being busted.
Oh well, so much fun and we'll be back at it with the bows here shortly. Fun with the O G deer camp guys and gals again. Till next time! Phone was half dead most of the time so no pics. Maybe Dave has some from the last month.


Jun 8, 2004
San Diego
24ft Kenner
Nice report and trip. I'm tying to figure where to hunt. Been up on Laguna with a bow the last 4 seasons and have always found birds. Tough hunting but they've always been somewhere up there. Have not seen a sign this season. Not a track, sighting or gobble. For as much area as I've covered hard to believe just nothing. Hope you all get one with the BOW, good luck!