Offshore Old Glory charter 10.17.19



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Sep 18, 2004
We chartered the Old Glory overnight on Thursday 10.17.19. The crew did an great job handling our group of 29 men, women and children. Once again the food was awesome. French fries come with the hamburger plate and plenty of cold beers were flowing.

Note: Bring shorter rods due to the overhang above some of the rod holders. Although, we angled our rods in the clips and it worked fine.

We started the morning with the fleet. At about 7:30AM Junior (the captain) stopped on a meter mark and we drifted that school until 2:30. We had to leave them biting due to the amount of fish that needed to be cleaned. Our final count was 128 Yellowfin Tuna, 25 Skipjack Tuna. Top angler had 12 YFT and 5 skipjack, JP was a 30 lb YFT.

During the seven hour drift the fish bit up to 50 lb test and 4/0 hooks. But other times it required 15-20 lb and #4 hook. Some fish were caught on snipers and surface iron but the majority were flyline bait.

My son and I culled our limit. We gave four fish away at the top of the docks. At five star our six fish weighed #140+ lbs. The four we gave away were of equal or better size.

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