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Jan 3, 2010
Thousand Oaks
After a 4 year hiatus, I'm back in the game so I figured I would book an overnight trip on the boat that started it all for me back in 2002 which at that time was the Cherokee Gisha aka the Old Glory.
Left work Wednesday and headed down to H&M landing, arrived at 7ish, and had no problem getting a parking spot check one less anxiety issue of waiting around and jocking for a spot.
Boarded the boat at 8:30 with 30 passengers and away we go.
After getting rigged up and figuring out who I'm going to avoid and who I will make 18-hour friendships with I turn in in expectations for a long night of dropper fishing, well slept like a rock, and didn't wake up till 5:30 obviously I missed the night bite lol, but nothing was caught in the dark so I missed nada.
The weather was great had a decent swell going fortunately my sea legs were still in tack so no trouble there.
After a cup of coffee and observing who to avoid on the rail, I start fly lining a bait I will say the first few casts I put the crew to work getting out some not-so-fun spectra backlashes lol.
It was a slow pick bite as we watched the fish crashing around the boat.
A few anglers were getting picked up but nothing wide open, I will admit one of my downfalls is I do not fish hard like some I am more of a stand back watch what's going on then when the rail has a nice opening and away from some of the not so skilled anglers I get in the action.
I started off with the flat fall on the bow using a Mak 15T and Axes 720 X2H with 80lb, I did this for a half-hour and there were zero bitters on the jig for anyone on the boat so I then started using sinker rig as a couple of guys hooked and landed on this method still nothing for me.
I now resort to a straight fly line bait butt hooked on a 40lb set up Accurate Valiant 400 paired with a Black Diamond 760XH and using owner #2 mutu circle for nada.
At this point, it's around 9:30 the boat has a few fish and the fish that were caught were all from the more seasoned anglers I observed the guys getting bit they were using a lite line and a #1 Mustad 94150.
I then reach for my 30lb set up Accurate BX500N and Black diamond 760H this set up is 50lb power pro super slick with a 2 foot fluro leader with a #1 Mustad 94150 and pin on a butt hooked sardine and away we go.
I let this bait soak a while and I'm out there a solid 100 yards or so and then bam! Fresh one! I am bit and the game begins.
I make short order of this fish I figured it was in the 25-30 class as this is the size that was coming aboard.
One thing about this trip was we didn't make any moves we sat at this spot the entire day and some of the anglers were grumbling about why we were not moving around and there was a point that Captain Ron explained it very well, he said we have fish under and around the boat and we've been building a solid chum line and are on a plunker bite so no need to move and I agree with that explanation 100 percent.
Now I'm enjoying another cup of coffee watching some nice tangles that some of the one and done's are in, and I start soaking a bait again on my 30lb set up and again I'm out a solid 100 yards, and bam! Fresh one! I'm on again but this time it's not a small fish I could tell right when I put a bend on it that this fish might not make it to gaff, I work this fish as well as I can and only getting line back when it turned towards the boat and at one point of the fight I am sitting on the rod trying to get what I can but this fish has given me nothing and around the 15-minute mark he shakes his head big time and bink freed himself from the hook and the fight is over I reel back in and see I still have my hook attached so no failures on my connection just a poor hook set with a small J hook but I don't think it would have mattered if I had a circle hook embedded in the side of the mouth I'm not so sure this would have ended in a gaffed fish as the crew mentioned after I hooked up they saw some small Volkswagon's crashing around the boat.
I soaked a few more baits with heavier gear for nada but that's ok as I am enjoying myself on the water and this was a great fresh start.
The boat is really nice for an overnight day and a half set up and the crew was super cool.
We ended the day around 3 pm with 25 or so BFT caught by just 5 anglers there were some guys that were hot getting picked up quite a bit and losing a lot to the tangles.
One thing I am not used to as you see from the past post I like to do multi-day trips is what people bring out on trips there was so much gear in the water that if that person got picked up I doubt there would be able to land a fish and clearly bait selection is not needed as I witnessed so many people grabbing the worst looking bait casting it 2 feet from the boat having no idea where their line is and then getting bit haha.
Overall I enjoyed myself I went on this trip with the attitude of just having a good time on the water and getting back into the game and catching a fish was going to be a bonus.

Sailing La Reina

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Apr 10, 2019
San Pedro, CA
La Reina
I really like your fishing attitude. Sometimes I get so wound up in the effort to catch fish that I forget how nice it is to get away from the hustle and bustle and just enjoy a day on the water.
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Mar 7, 2009
16' Starcraft SF SS
Excellent report! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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  • May 27, 2015
    Great report thank you and welcome back !!
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