SOLD Okuma tesero 5s 220 takes it


150lb tuna club
Sep 8, 2017
La Mirada/Whittier
Wanting a bigger boat
Going to start off with this, REEL IS AS IS, although I wish I didn’t have to say that, there are some that if found a single scratch would come crying back wanting a refund. I’m becoming more and more of a penn guy.. all my reels are in great working order with fish caught on all of them.. only purpose of selling is to reinvest into new penn product.
1st is an Okuma 5s SD. This was my first top of the line SD reel, I love it, but it’s time to part ways with it. Only one mark on the top of the reel frame, not sure what I did but it’s there.. line on it is 50lb Power Pro with 30lb 3X Izorline mono..
250$ takes it, cheaper than in store by about 80$ when you include tax and another 70$ if you include line when buying this reel brand new.

Please PM if interested, would prefer local meet up. If you’ve got a problem with the price pm me a counter offer, let’s keep the comments BD clean 😂
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