Offshore Offshore Paddy Hunting 8/13

Salty Boils

Apr 25, 2019
Rancho Palos Verdes
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23ft CC
Left Huntington Harbor around 5:30am. Got to nachos immediately for a few scoops of decent sized sardines. Off we go to the 14 Mile bank to start off. On the way there we stopped on 1 empty paddy. Not much life! Decided to head toward the 277. Well after 2 solid hours of searching for paddies I decided to head toward the 209. Right between the 209 and 277 we spotted a nice decent sized lonely kelp paddy with 2 birds sitting right on top and a giant mola mola right under. No boats around! We immediately pulled up to the paddy. I decided to chum a handful of bait. The minute the bait hits the water dorado starts to boil all around the paddy. Wide open bite! We managed to hook 4 but only landed 1. My pops lost 2 because he was using Small Circle Hooks( Big NoNo) Once they jump they shake the hook off, but his buddy managed to land one. Looked like a decent 5-10 dorado school. After 1 hour of drifting with the paddy unfortunately they didn't want to play anymore so we made the call to leave this paddy and search for another one. Big mistake!! Headed towards the 209 for nothing. All dry! Made the turn towards the 267 and nothing. 2-3 hours later of just searching for paddies we decided to wrap up the day and head back to the barn around 2pm. Anyways Great Day & Beautiful Weather! Good Luck to those running tomorrow. Cheers 🤙🏻

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Kevin A

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  • Sep 10, 2006
    redondo beach
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    Sounds like a lot of traveling, But you pulled on something. A few things I didn't understand in your write up, 1) most paddies were picked up on Friday? 2) You said you were sitting " After 2 hours sitting "IN" the kelp paddie, How do you do that?? 3) It was a wide open Bite only hooking 4 fish?
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