Offshore Offshore 7-10-2021

Jan 7, 2020
San Diego
Boat Name
Fished off shore with our buddy Ralph the owner of big game hunters clothing line. Ralph had good numbers form the his network of fishermen. His mindset is kind of go big or go home. We picked up 2-1/2 scoops of very nice sardines 5-7 inches. Mainly to use for chum. Left mission bay around 7:30 Ralph said we were leaving kind of early because the majority of there big fish have been taken at dusk. Ran out to the corner to start looking once we arrived at the corner we quickly found birds working with a few splashes beneath them. First couple of stops were attempts to get one on the jig and we casted colt snipers to no avail. Fish were fast moving and would Fizzle out quickly. Around 10:00 we found another similar spot where the birds fizzled out quickly but this time we were marking a very large school at around 50-150 foot of water. Ralph chummed 2 or three scoops and the fish blew up on the chum. There were some bigger models on this particular stop my buddy Brandon and I fly lined baits while bean and Ralph set up the kite and balloon. Flyer quickly went out but by this time it seemed the school moved on. Still seeing a few marks on the screen I dropped a sinker rig down on 80 pound. After dropping and winding and dropping and winding. Ralph said the meter was blank let’s wind them up to look around this is when I got picked up. I wound the sinker rig up in low gear with the drag barley in gaged so if I get bit the fish can swim off with my bait with out felling any tension. Gave the fish a solid 3 count in gaged the real started to wind I’m on. This bite was short lived fish started to take drag and than my line goes slack. Wind up and my bait was trashed. We put the kite back out and continue chumming fishing sinker rigs and knife jigs same time for nothing. Back on the hunt we would continue chasing birds and looking for marks like this all day. Working west at one point pulling in the kite and making a long run to meet our buddy who landed a 160 pound fish on his frozen flyer. Around 3:00 we ran back to that same area where we first started. And we’re greeted by fast moving foaming yellowfin. Fish looked to be between 8-12 pounds we casted small metal jigs into a few different spots to no avail. Ralph reminded us why we were there and that wasn’t it. So we kept looking for the right kind. Or buddy about 1/4 mile away just had two blow ups on his flyer neither sticking. So we slow trolled our flyer out his way and spent the rest of the day the two of us slow trolling one flyer on the kite out long and another short on just a Helium balloon. Boxing the general area Stopping on marks splashing our flyer up and down really working hard. Saw fish shining on the surface saw marks but no bites. Drained our bait tank at dusk and drifted until dark. Unfortunately we took a skunk. Even with the skunk it was a great day on the water lots of beers good friends and a great learning experience for me. Ralph has multiple fish over 300 pounds and dozens of fish in the 200 pound range. Because he doesn’t deviate from the plan. He is willing to go the distance. PS when we got back to the dock at 10:00 I talked to a guy fishing in the same zone we fished who speared 3 tuna all over 150 pounds. So they were definitely there they just didn’t want to play.