OEX Sunse3tr Beach Demo Day Feb 29th

Saba Slayer

Saba Slayer
Oct 19, 2004
Palos Verdes
Jim Salazar
18' Welcraft CC, Hobie PA 14 and Hobie Outback
It looks like a nice day on Saturday...not quite as warm as Thursday or Friday but a good day for kayaking and checking out the different brands.
OEX Sunset is kinda different from some of the other OTW shops, in that Andy carries various brands of kayaks, allowing you to not just look at them on the floor but actually try them out on the water side by side...
I'll be there representing Hobie...and we'll have a few of our boats on the water from the new top of the line Pro Angler 360 to the affordable Passport...
The Outback and the Compass will also be in the water for a comparison peddle.
It's a perfect opportunity for all you guys that have been posting questions here about choosing a kayak, to come out and try them...
Joseph the new sales rep for the Bixpy Jet Motors will also be there with a few motors and battery set-ups to try out...

See you on Saturday...
Jim / Saba Slayer

Tail Chaser

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Aug 31, 2004
Hobie Outback
If any of yall think you want a kayak... This is the guy to talk to... he will not sell you the wrong boat! He lets you test drive, finds you deals, and supports you well after he has your money... Other places not so much!