October finishes with a flourish

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview-Friday
    October 28, 2016, Gary Graha
    Que Pasa



    An overview of the billfish money tournaments held in August and October reflect the totals for the four events as well as the popularity of these events. It also reflects the remarkable blue marlin season that the area has enjoyed this year.

    Coronado Islands

    Went to the front of south Coronado Island and got this 28-pound yellowtail in 60-feet of water along with a few bonito on slow-trolled sardines. Also bottom fished for some good-size white fish and rockfish in 90-feet of water just south of South Island.
    Besides the light rain at times, it was a great day with some of the smoothest seas of the season.
    The ticket was 2/0 live bait hook with 30- and 40-pound mono line. …Fishdope.com



    Good day of fishing at San Miguel Island for bonito, barracuda, calico bass and yellowtail to 12-pounds. …Sammy Susarrey Amador

    San Quintín


    Good weather and even better fishing. …Captain Kelly Catian

    Bahía de Los Ángeles


    Back to Guadalupe Reef. My first drop, a big giant sea bass, and my dad got a yellowtail on this drift. Second drift, I got a yellow. We had to reposition again and on our next pass I thought I had a nice yellow, but ended up getting my personal best huachinango that would go 16 pounds on the scale! My second special fish of the trip! After this we headed over to Los Machos. Man, having bait made a huge difference. Heavy current, 16-ounce weights and the dropper loop was the ticket. My dad's first drop on the deeper spot yielded him a 32-pound yellow. I thought he was going overboard for a minute, but he nailed that fish with his new Phenix Abyass paired with a Peen Pathom 152sp. He was stoked. I got busted off on a nice fish. Retied and went back on the drift. We did at least 12 or more passes on this same spot and ended up with 9 yellows -- mostly from 20- to 22-pounds plus the 32-pounder, the huachinango and the GSB. On our last drift -- one our last bait -- I got broke off on a good fish, but never could keep it from the rocks . . . Bay of LA brutes and a reason to return.


    Cedros Island

    Report pending.

    Bahía Ascensión


    We are experiencing summer in late October with air temps in the high 80s, water temps rose to low 70s and not much wind which has brought schools of dorado in close; in fact it's hard to get past them to get to the nice yellowtail under them. Capt. Juan Arce Marron reports an excellent yellowtail bite of fish in the 20- to 35-pound range yo-yoing. Now how ‘bout some tuna??? Any day now we hope. There has been a great white sea bass bite in the cove next to our Inn, too, fishing off the rocks! And still some halibut and croakers on the beaches. …Shari Bondy


    La Bocana


    Blanca Portella, Les Heil in Estero La Bocana, Baja California Sur, Mexico.



    Rod and Bill with a pargo and a salty camera lens. Caught out near "50" spot (but Rod claims "not on top of it" ).


    Might make a wallpaper for my laptop but I need it a bit better assembled and brighter.

    "Chorriada" is waiting for a kind offering under the fillet table.

    She knows when the boats are back and if it's a dive boat or somebody with snacks!

    A touch of autumn has zipped into the area with the typical afternoon north winds.

    The mornings have been smooth as glass out on the water but by 11 AM the white chop is rolling in from the north. It seems like there are more scuba divers than fishermen this week. It might be more accurate to say the fishermen are picking their days more carefully

    We have a couple of "old nuts" (Rod and Bill) that are staying at Loreto Shores and they are doing double duty with both fishing and diving. There doing good at both activities but I think the salt spray has fogged up the fish photos. Maybe they were using the underwater camera for the fish photos!

    It is still bottom fish with some of the boats working over the closer in spot known as "La Cholla".
    Results have been the same with a good mix that has been including a few yellowtail along with the pintos and cabrilla.

    The boats fishing out of Puerto Escondido are still making the journey to Catalana Island to hunt the 'hoos.
    Both the north tip and the southern 100 foot deep shore line have been productive. Again it is an early bite that dies out around 9AM. The average score has been 1 to 4 fish per boat for the early birds.

    A couple of spots up the coast near Punta Colorado had flurries of cabrilla with a few pargo mixed in. That hasn't been consistent but when they are biting you could get a five fish limit.

    Typical for this time of year is also some of the holdovers from the summer and I am not sure if these are different fish or they just stay in town and grew bigger. Roosters and dorado to 15 pounds have been caught but again it is not consistent…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    Fishing has stayed pretty steady with wahoo, tuna and marlin. On the inside banks there are some dorado and grouper. So far bait has been pretty easy to get. Weather has been good -- a little bumpy yesterday along with some wind but not bad. Inside in the bay our fly fishermen have been scoring on pargo, halibut and corvina in nice numbers. Conventional bay fishermen have been getting a few snook to go along with the corvine, cabrilla and a few groupers

    La Paz
    The Millspaugh Family from the Seattle, Washington area had a great week of fishing for the first time with Tailhunter Sportfishing out of La Paz. Here’s some of their one-day catch of nice 20-30 pound tuna. Left to right, mom (Julie), son Tanner, dad (Travis) and daughter (Kendell).

    Jorge Romero had a great day using chunked squid out of Bahia de los Muertos and put 6 thick tuna in the box with Captain Moncho of the Tailhunter Fleet.

    In a word…the fish got twice as big this week. But, there were less than half-as-many!

    Basically, whereas we were catching 3, 4…6 ten-to-fifteen-pound tuna before, this week the fish were 20-35 pounds, but the boats only averaged 1-3 fish each. Sometimes not even that. But, these were definitely bigger, heartier and feistier fish. I can only think what the counts would be like if so many fish had not been lost. But, alot were lost!

    Several reasons for that…
    1. Tougher fish and bigger fish
    2. Lack of experience (all part of the fun!)
    3. Danged triggerfish (we’re using chunked squid for bait. The triggerfish dive bomb the squid. Their teeth nick up the line. Then a tuna bites. The line snaps under pressure!)

    Same with the wahoo. The fish are definitely there and we got a couple. But lost so many more. Seems like the fish are bigger and surely more vicious. Or maybe just smarter. We’re losing alot of trolling lures the past few weeks to fish that seem to know how to hit the lines from the side…or something! Only getting maybe 1 for every four fish that we hooked.

    Other species included some late-season rooster fish; scattered dorado; bonito; lots of triggerfish; sierra and even an amberjack. A few marlin hooked too and lost… Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape


    The wahoo bite continues to be one of the best ever, with some boats landing 2 to 4 wahoo a day. Most have been caught while fishing tuna on calamari, which has been the bait of choice these last few weeks. Boats that do not have any have not been too successful. Those with calamari have been able to land tuna, dorado and wahoo.

    You can purchase 7-pound bags of calamari at the dock before you head out for $20.00. We recommend buying 2 bags per boat. Chumming small pieces of Calamari helps keep the tuna around the boat. Even though the big 214-pound tuna was landed trolling a marlin lure, the majority of the tuna is being hooked on calamari chunks. …Van Wormer Resorts



    Some big amberjack, all taken on dead skipjack and a large number of pargo, both barred and dog tooth, were caught on the drop-offs. Closer to the beach (with almost no fishing pressure) roosters and pompano ruled. Come ‘n’ get ‘em while the gettin’ is good. …Gary Barnes Webb



    Carl Peabody yearning for more of the yellowfin tuna went out another day and had a banner day catching his limit of fish from 10- to 65-pounds. Temperatures remain hot from 74 to 93 degrees – mainly sunny skies with sea temps remaining consistent at 84 to 86 degrees.
    The bait available included caballito, squid and ballyhoo, but still there were little or no sardina.
    Other guests also scored on tuna as well as dorado to 20 pounds. Those hankering to catch a billfish found striped marlin as well as several blue marlin to satisfy their itch.
    Others, choosing to fish closer to shore found fair to good roosterfish and jack action from the Resort all the way down to La Ribera. …Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

    San José Del Cabo

    Most local charter are concentrating on the fishing grounds from the Gordo Banks and north to Vinorama. Yellowfin tuna continued to be the most common species targeted. Drift fishing with strips of squid has been the main technique for having success on the yellowfin. Average size tuna was in the 15 to 30-pound class. Other much larger tuna are lurking, particularly around the Gordo Banks, but getting them to bite is another matter. There were schools of porpoise being encountered within several miles of shores and charters were chasing down these porpoise and drifting strips of squid on lighter leaders for the tuna, these fish have become more leader shy with the increased boat pressure. Catches varied from day to day, as to which area might be a bit more productive. Charters had catches ranging from one or two tuna, to over ten tuna.

    Very few dorado this past week, only occasional single fish, most of them small in size. The hot action we heard about for the dorado on the Pacific also reportedly slowed to a standstill, hard to say what is going on with these gamefish. There are wahoo in the area, though no consistent action has been found, though one super panga early in the week did land a triple header on wahoo up to 40-pound though on the average we are only seeing a coupled of these fish per day. Most strikes were on slow trolled baits, though others were taken on yo-yo jigs or trolled Rapalas, you never know with wahoo, you have to be ready with an arsenal, trying proven lures and baits. Anglers drift fishing with strips of squid for tuna also hooked into many wahoo, which occasional were landed without the monofilament line being cut.

    Some quality dogtooth snapper were being landed from the La Fortuna region, larger baits off the bottom, with buttoned down drags needed in order to turn these fish away from the rocks. No big numbers on these fish, but more than we had been seeing. Also off the structure were an occasional amberjack, yellow snapper, cabrilla, barred pargo, surgeonfish, rainbow runner and of course the ever present triggerfish.

    Billfish were not very numerous either, though one blue marlin of 500-pounds was accounted for from a small panga, it hit on a yellowfin tuna, which had just been landed, and then pinned onto a heavy leader and dropped back in the water, this after the skipper had seen the big blue marlin chasing their hooked 15/20-pound tuna to the boat, the battle to land this big blue took some eight hours, until ten at night when the panga returned to the dock area. We also saw black marlin to over 200-pound sailfish and striped marlin, though in limited numbers.

    With the WON Tuna Jackpot now just around the corner, we will be seeing many teams pre-fishing in hopes of gaining knowledge of where to find the monster cow tuna that will take the grand prize…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos

    The Pisces Tracy Ann, captained by Julio Castro managed two yellowfin tuna of 140 and 171 pounds respectively. …Pisces Sportfishing

    I’ve been talking for weeks about the blue marlin bite we have going down here and the results of the tournaments sure proved it. Although we didn’t have a lot of qualifying fish, the sheer numbers were impressive.

    In the woulda-coulda department John Peelman’s Hot Rod caught this 639-pound monster on Sunday after the Black & Blue. It was a charter and the couple wanted to try for dorado. Erick was just north of the lighthouse 1/2 mile of the beach. It nailed a Seven strand small lure on a 50 wide Shimano with 80 lb test. After a hour and a half fight the fish went belly up and died.

    “I couldn't believe it myself!”...John Peelman

    The blue marlin are biting well for many of the boats from Cabo San Lucas, but the fish are typically the smaller variety, under 250 lbs., and most are being released to grow bigger. Our high billfish boat for the week was the "Fish Cabo", reflecting 4 blue marlin released and 1 striper released for 5 days fished and an additional 3 dorado rounding out their5 catches.

    Cabo Climate: The Pacific side, from above Todos Santos and down to San Cristobal, from the shoreline and out to about 7 miles, at 84 degrees and falling to about 82 degrees beyond 7 miles. Cabo Falso and around the corner to Los Frailes, all at 84-85 degrees. Tropical surface breeze flowing in from the westerly directions at an average of 8 mph daily. Partly cloudy skies and PM thunderstorms on Saturday. Day air temps averaged 93.6 with nights at 74.1 and the humidity ratio at 53.6%.

    Sea Conditions: The Pacific side, from Todos Santos and southerly to Cristobal, from the shoreline to about 7 miles off, the temps at 85-86 degrees. Ourside 7 miles the temps fall to about 82 degrees. Cabo Falso and around to Los Frailes, and out past the 1000 fathom curve, the temps are holding at 85-86 degrees. A varied tropical sea surface breeze, mostly from the easterly directions, averaging about 7.8 mph. Hurricane Seymour is slated to miss all of the Baja and right now, it looks like it could finalize in Southern California next week. Only time will tell. We should start to see some residual swell flowing in from the westerly directions as the storm by-passes the Baja Peninsula.

    Best Fishing Area: The blue marlin bite was best in the area of the 1150 fathom spot and the stripers and dorado at El Faro, (Cabo Falso Light House)

    Best Bait-Lure: The billfish were biting about 50-50 on rigged baits and artificials.

    Live Bait Supply: Good live bait supply again at the $3.00 per bait rate….Larry Edwards,
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    Great report. Thanks.
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    GREAT REPORT Gary....love Gato Chorriada under the filet table! CLASSIC! LOL

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