October baja fishing reports

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, October 30, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    Suggestions for how to handle billfish: (Based on Billfish Scientific Research)

    1. Do not remove the fish from the water, even for a photo. (Removal from water reduces survival rates by 60 to 80%.)

    2. Use a dehooking device to remove the hook. If hook cannot be removed, cut the leader as close to the hook as possible.

    3. Use circle hooks. The fish is usually hooked in the jaw or corner of the mouth, making it easier to remove the hook and less harmful to the fish.

    4. Revive the fish by keeping it in the water, place boat in gear and have oxygenated water pass over the gills.

    A properly handled billfish has an 85 to 90% survival rate after being released.

    Coronado Islands

    Don’t believe any boats are fishing the Islands or the Rockpile today due to weather concerns. …www.fishdope.com


    For this week’s report, we count with the sport fisher "GameFisher" that headed out to Banda Bank south of Punta Banda to make sure that the wahoo info was correct; caught two trolling with feathers and live bait both were in the range of 60- to 80- pound range; also there were some yellowtail, mostly to 20 pounds, and to finish the great day, there were limits of bottom fish. …Edgar Sanchez Coral Marine Store
    San Quintín
    The line on the marlin jig started ripping out faster than I'd ever seen. We reeled in the other trollers as I picked up the rod that was hooked up. The line was pointing behind the boat and down into the water and suddenly, just like every video, picture, or movie I've ever seen, about 150 yards on the southwest side of the boat, a blue marlin starting doing his jumps, shaking his head like mad, trying to spit the hook. I couldn't tell if this was reality . . . thought I was bound to wake up any moment! …Greg


    Twenty-six-pound white seabass along with a nice mix of yellowtail… Although people have been concerned about Hurricane Patricia, the fishing conditions in San Quintin continue to be great and the fishing has been unaffected. …Pete


    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    Filming and fishing leopard groupers at Bahía de Los Angeles, B.C.S., Mexico with Carter Andrews — with Alfredo Peralta Macie. …Julio Meza, Fishco Pesca Deportiva

    Cedros Island

    NO REPORT . . . Season’s over!

    Bahía Ascensión
    Nelson is probably cleaning fish in his sleep after many days of deck handing . . . here he is with one of the many tuna caught today in Bahía Asuncion with Capt. Juan Arce Marron of La Bufadora Inn! …Shari Bondy
    La Bocana
    Julio Meza and Carter Andrews getting it done...

    Bocana adventure . . . Our Tours, in estero of the estuary. Exelante fishing! Walk through the mangrove swamps, dunes, bird watching and define. …Juanchy


    Roosterama at San Bruno!
    That's the news of the week in the fishing scene . . . roosters off the beaches at San Bruno.

    We have seen some one-hundred-pound class roosters this season in Loreto and now it's time for the smaller versions.

    Swarms of small roosterfish from ten inches to ten pounds are hitting both live sardina and lures. Larger fish in the 20-pound range have been seen with only a few coming to the boats.

    Mid-morning has been the best time for connecting at San Bruno. When the slow pick at Candeleros or Puerto Almeja turns to zero, most boats give the beaches a look.

    Fly lining a sardina or slow trolling anything shiny will get boils and hookups.

    Most people have not paid attention to roosters in our area which are consistently caught off the rocks at the Marina.

    The combs of big roosters are frequently seen cutting through the waters along the Malecon and swimming beaches.

    Judging from the number of small roosterfish we must have a breeding area nearby. Springtime, summer and fall -- roosters, roosters, rooster!

    Loreto has always been the place for yellowtail and dorado, but this might be the time to trade in the lead and feathers for a fly rod.

    Other actions to try are cut bait on the high spots or trolling plugs along the rocks.

    Daytime temperatures don't get much better and it's still too early to cry about the January North Winds. For the next few weeks, I would recommend getting out the light tackle outfits and working the sandy bottoms whether it be from a panga or wading in the surf!

    I'll be tossing some surface iron and bucktail jigs at the Marina . . . 7am and 3pm. ...Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    La Paz


    We've had lots of our folks swimming with the gentle whale sharks in the bay this week in the 85-degree water . . . juveniles from 10-25 feet in only about 10 feet of water! Incredible experience! …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape


    Fall conditions are upon us; the mornings are now cool. And, if you need further proof, we’ve had a few days of North Wind. Hurricane Patricia paid a visit to the area, but fortunately passed on without affecting us. Standard Time replaced Daylight Savings, so it became light at 6.30 in the morning. Rancho Leonero.



    Billfish and roosters in the house! Team Jen Wren


    Limits of tuna today. … Scorpion Sportfishing and El Regalo Sportfishing

    San José del Cabo

    Sportfishing fleets continue to be busy, with the Bisbee Tournament now past, everyone is gearing up for the WON Tuna Jackpot scheduled for next week. In recent weeks all of the larger yellowfin tuna caught were coming from the Pacific Banks, San Jaime or Golden Gate, recently with the change in currents, there have been tuna to over 200 pounds found on the grounds off of San Jose del Cabo and to the north of the Gordo Banks. These larger grade of tuna were traveling with fast moving porpoise and were striking on strips of squid. Still no big numbers, but definitely a chance at hooking into a tournament winner, one panga charter lost an estimated 250 lb. tuna after a long battle, right as they were trying to gaff the fish, talk about a heartbreak.

    The action close to shore off of Punta Gorda that has been going on for the past few weeks, continues, this is where tuna up to 40 lb. were sporadically biting, best action usually early, then becoming spottier throughout the day. Triggerfish, pompano and various pargo species rounded out that action off the point, overall this bite is starting to fade out and charters are now scouting out new grounds. Iman Bank is showing more activity for wahoo, as well as chances at tuna or dorado, again no big numbers, but with changing conditions, anything could happen on any given day. Wahoo were ranging from 15 lb. to over 50 lb., striking on Rapalas, skirted lead heads, as well as on chihuil or other rigged baits, including flying fish, if you were able to obtain them, as some skippers were able to a couple of weeks back when they ran into schools of these flyers in a spawning mode and were able to scoop them up with their bait nets by the dozens, of course this was a one day event.

    Billfish has been mainly a mix of sailfish or striped marlin for San Jose fleets, with higher chances for blue marlin off of the Cabo San Lucas and Pacific grounds. Sailfish were found close to shore where the tuna action was. With ocean temperatures still warm, there could be blue or black marlin hooked late into the year, even early 2016.
    .…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos


    Seems like all the tournaments were a couple of weeks too early; right now the dorado and wahoo have shown up that would have won the game fish categories.
    Our fish totals for today: Striped marlin 18, sailfish 7, wahoo 2, dorado 4, tuna 17.
    Tiburon released a large 200-pound striped marlin. Valerie had 4 striped marlin and one sailfish. Bill Collector -- 3 striped marlin, 2 sailfish and 1 dorado. We also heard of a 533-pound blue marlin caught. …Pisces Sportfishing

    Well, last week it was the Bisbee Tournament and the Third Place fish captured most of the "marbles" by entering the side jackpots and wound up with a healthy sum of $2.5 million dollars for a fish that weighed in at 327 pounds, aboard the sportfisher, "Tranquility", that had arrived from Costa Rica to specifically fish the Bisbee Tournament events. "Tranquility" also won the Bisbee Offshore Event just before the Black & Blue Tournament, so I would say they had a pretty good fishing year. The biggest fish weighed in the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament was a 500-pound blue marlin.
    Cabo Climate: Air temps stable at 58 nights to 85 daytime highs and a 42% humidity level. It was a mostly sunny and warm week with a couple of days of mixed cloud activity.

    There were no residual swell conditions from Hurricane Patricia and the port remained open for the week. Surface breezes varied from light to 12 mph, flowing from the westerly directions. On the Pacific side, sea temps varied from 84 to 85 degrees from above the Golden Gate Bank, southerly to Cabo San Lucas and around the corner to San Jose Del Cabo. Gorda Banks to Los Frailes on the Sea of Cortez side water temps were all at 86 degrees with the warmer waters outside the 1,000 fathom curve rising to about 87 degrees.

    Cabo Falso, (aka El Faro) Herradura, were the better spots this past week, albeit, 9 stripers and 4 yellowfin tuna were taken at the Jaime Bank.

    The blue marlin was taken on a dorado-colored artificial. Sailfish continue to prefer live and rigged bait. Stripers were taking artificials and live bait.

    Good live bait supply at the $3.00 per bait rate..….Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters

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