October 26, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The fishing has changed a little bit since the last report. There have been fewer akus around and the number of marlin bites has dropped off slightly. However, the occasional marlin bite does occur. The most exciting fishing at this point in time is the mahi fishing. Numerous trips have resulted in a nice collection of mahis. Many of the fish were caught at FADs, but trolling has also been an effective tactic for finding the fish. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to contact Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. Another way to reach Deli is via email at [email protected]. The following report contains some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch from the past two weeks.

Mitch and his daughter Jesse had a trip that they won’t soon forget. With lots of live bait, Mitch and Jesse worked the FADs to perfection. They finished the day with an impressive assortment of mahi.

Aiden from Las Vegas posed with his mahi and Captain Steve Carroll. Aiden was thrilled with his very impressive catch. Amazingly, the mahi was caught right outside Lahaina Harbor in about 50 feet of water. Great job Aiden!

Paul and Monica Nuncheck focused their efforts on a FAD behind Lanai. Using natural bait around the buoy resulted in two bull mahis.

The Butch family found some positive signs of life when they came across a school of small tunas. Thomas, Diane, and Jennie worked the area in hopes that larger predators were feeding on the tunas. The bigger fish were nowhere to be found so the angers settled for some akus.

The Simms group was fortunate enough to spot some floating debris. Even more luckily, the floating debris had attracted some mahis. The boat was equipped for the situation and natural bait came out of the bait box. Unable to resist taking a bite, these two mahis ended up on the boat. Back at Lahaina Harbor, one of the anglers appeared incapable of resisting the urge to bite a mahi.

The McCoppins trolled along the coast of Maui because a number of mahis had recently been caught around the inshore pinnacles. Although the McCoppins didn’t find any mahis, they did find a potential food source. The anglers used light tackle to catch a couple of kawakawas, which are a species of inshore tuna.

Everyone got excited when line started peeling off two different reels at practically the same time. Kevin Brasil and Robert Dilzer took advantage of the double bite to catch a nice cow mahi apiece. The mahis are actually bigger than they appear, with the larger cow tipping the scales at 40 lbs. Next to a small mahi, both of these cows would look considerably larger.

These three kawakawas could not turn down a small lure running way behind the boat. Sarah Rich enjoyed the action on light tackle.

Most boats set their lines immediately after leaving Lahaina Harbor. Tom Berger found out why when he caught an ono just minutes from the harbor.

Some fishermen say that the fish bite best right after the sun comes up. If that’s true, then the bite should also be good as the sun goes down. The sunset bite turned out to be productive for Jared, Brandon, and Joel Robinson as they caught an aku and a nice mahi.

The trade winds came down a little bit so Wayne and Kim Augustine headed up to Molokai. Fishing off the coast of Molokai always provides refreshing scenery and, more often than not, provides fish as well. Wayne and Kim ended up catching an ono and a shibi.

Randy and Carmon Gretzon, Shale Bourdon, Scott Phillips, David Brett, and Dodie Hawthorne charged out to N buoy on the north shore of Molokai. The buoy was holding some mahis and the anglers did a good job bringing the fish to the boat.

Brenda and Ricky Byington, Steve and Michelle Gutsch, and Damon Boddall put their live bait to good use. Each of these three nice mahis was hooked at K buoy on the backside of Lanai.

The Bellis group did not have any action on the troll so they set up for bottom fishing. They drifted over a sandy area and bounced their weights off the bottom. The disturbance attracted some nabetas, including a really big one.

These anglers refused to give up when lures did not work on these mahis. The anglers caught some small akus and used them for live bait. For their efforts, Jay and Wyatt Moore, Mark Groth, and Richard Hollis were rewarded with a mahi apiece.

Three mahis was the official tally for these anglers. The overall satisfaction, however, was much greater because two of the mahis were good ones.

Jimbo and Christine Palmer along with Dale Kellett, Steve Pope, and Frank Dellamaggiore were just a mahi short of a dozen. All of the mahis were caught around the FADs behind Lanai. The biggest bull weighed in at 32 lbs.

The day was sure to be a good one with Ed, Edward, and Chris Edwards onboard. The Edwards found a current line with some floating debris and went three for three on mahis.

As his smile indicates, this angler was happy to catch a mahi. Most people are happy to catch mahis, especially because they’re good to eat.

These fish were caught while trolling in relatively shallow water along the coast of Maui. The trio of fish was composed of three different species as the anglers caught an ono, an aku, and a kawakawa.

Jason, Kevin, and Rocco went out on Start Me Up’s early trip. Using live bait at NASA buoy, they caught three mahis. Trolling didn’t result in any more fish, but the anglers did have a marlin bite on the short corner lure.

Bryan Hudson found a chunk of floating debris and decided to break out the natural bait. Not long after that decision, Bryan was hooked up to his mahi.

Jim Baldwin battled an approximately 300 lb. bronze whaler. Jim was able to win that battle and bring the shark to the boat. The bronze whaler was then photographed and released.

The Dahl group was surprised to hook this 287 lb. blue marlin in only 60 fathoms of water. Marlin are typically caught in deeper water, but anything is possible in Hawaii. The nice cow mahi was an excellent bonus for the anglers.

Larry Linney, Kurt Stoppler, Joe Alick, and Joel Bahrenfucs had a great day off the north shore of Molokai. They fished hard and came back to Lahaina Harbor with an assortment of mahis and shibis that included some nice fish.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed towards Deli at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. If the current fishing conditions are any indication, the next report should contain a bunch of mahis. Until then, tight lines.



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Oct 19, 2011
aren antounian
montauk 17' and Glass Pro "Merisa Maru II"
way to go nice dodo's, wahoo's and nice size marlin looks like lot of fun there hope to fish there soon


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Jul 3, 2009
20' Shamrock WA, Maka 'oi 'oi II
That one nabeta is a beast!