Offshore Oceanside 8/28 Slayday round 2


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    Hello Everyone I hope you had a great weekend.

    We booked a boat through Slayday Southtown about 2 months ago and like our 1st trip it was a great experience. Ryan and Ray are really great guys and the rental boats are nice. If you get a chance give these guys a call it's worth it.
    That being said KNOW your abilities and especially your Limitations I have been on or in the water for all of my life. I have experienced man overboard and other on the water safety situations quite a few times. * Man that water was cold * ooops did i think that or say that out loud LOL If you aren't sure of your abilities don't chance it.

    I have been watching the reports from here and elsewhere with anticipation. 2 weeks ago it looked wide open and then last week it shut off. It had me worried. The thought that we might be skunked was constantly in my mind. So much so that I hardly slept the night before the trip.
    Besides the number 1 consideration SAFETY. the #2 and some would say most important consideration was for me to find fish for my friends. We're all working class guys so you know money is tight sometimes . That and Me and Dave have kids and Jakop is about to become a 1st time father.
    it meant that the 100's of thoughts running through my head put just a wee bit of pressure upon me. Ray assured me that it would be allright and we should be able to get fish. Me I wasn't so sure. The conditions had changed. The bite that was wide open last week had gradually drizzled down to almost nothing. Plans,spots,scenarios and headings were constantly changing in my head. What if the bait was bad? should we go north ,south west,stick to the shoreline? Yadda yadda yadda
    Keep in mind this only the 3rd time I have piloted a boat solo and on my own on the ocean. Also keep in mind that weather wasn't an issue...I checked every forecast website I could find and it was all good. Hell I even checked a lot of surf forecast websites. That and the fact that Jakop has never caught a Tuna and i was on a mission to catch my 1st Dorado, well you could see my state of mind. This was our 1st offshore trip and I wanted us to get our moneys worth. Now I'm a pretty good fisherman especially in the surf but still it looked like the odds were against us. But as it turned out I think we did better that 80+ percent of the boats that day.

    Jakop came by and picked me up at 2:30 by 2:45 we were on the road. A quick call to Dave to make sure he was up and we're off. The ride down to Oceanside was quick and pleasant. We started to see a lot of fog from just before Santa Ana all the way to our destination. Which was nice seeing as how it was a100 degrees last week where we live. But as you already know that only added to my thoughts grrrrr. LOL We arrive at Oceanside @4:15 and meet up is supposed to be at 5am sharp. We look around for anything 24 hours that is open and r Deeenied. After all 12 hours on the water with little food . Well if the engine cut out or something I didn't want to have to resort to cannabilism HA just kidding. I brought sandwiches and plenty of liquids and snacks in a ditch bag just in case. However we got lucky and grabbed some croissants and donuts .

    After that little drive south we arrive at the launch ramp @4:30. Dave arrives at 4:40 and the other boats were already there and launching. By the time Ray arrived at 5 am10-15 boats had launched and more were to come. After going over paperwork,a safety brief + him making sure we knew what was what on the boat, we cast off. He tells us to call if something should happen we should have signal. We did even @ 15 miles offshore with T mobile. We get in line and are the 5th boat. It is now a little after 6am. we come up to the dock and get 2 scoops of bait @ $ 100 + tip in less than 5 mins. The bait is decent and we only end up losing about 20+ pieces throughout the whole day. We proceed out of the harbor and by now it's daylight, but with a heavy overcast and only 1/4 -1/2 a mile of visibility. I 'm not really comfortable with it so we proceed slowly.

    I inform the guys to be really vigalant . J takes Port side 9-12 and D takes Starboard 12-3 and I watch everything front and back. we get about a mile out and see some bait marks. We stop and drift, engine in gear and proceed to make 50 mini macks. I lose a halibut and we decide we have enough and are off. By Now it's 9ish am and the cloud cover,fog has lifted. We now have a few miles + of visibility but it's still overcast. I tell the guys that we all have to be scanning for birds boils or kelp paddys. We re on our way to the 312 even though it was suggested to hit the 209. Tempbreak didn't look right to me and I wasn't feeling it. We motor along for about 5 mins. when Jakop says what's that in front of us? What that is turns out to be a 40' x 120' school of boiling 25lb class Yellowfin Tuna about 300 yards in front of us. I do what almost everyone else has been doing all season. I push the throttles to the limits and run right up to........ Naaw just kidding. I had been thinking about this a lot + reading the article that Erik Landisfiend put on here.

    I cut back to idle, watch which way it was going and hit the throttle quickly and backed down quickly. Just enough to get a little headway. and drifted to let them come to us. Which they did. we were completely stopped for a few mins. They came across our bow and went by our starboard side. Jakop throws a newly bought Sniper stickbait and is hooked up. I throw a sardine and am hooked up but get a backlash and lose the fish. Dave throws but somehow doesn't get bit. My bite, I watched the bait come to the surface and get inhaled. I guess my breakoff took the school away. Jakop lands his fish after 5 -10 mins. It's his 1st tuna, maybe he should have ate the heart. In all the confusion we lose the school. I try to box the area but I couldn't find them. They never came back up. It was a big school too. It lit up the fish finder from the surface to 33 feet. We troll around with feathers for 30 mins. in the general area but never get back on them. This is only 3-5 miles off the beach and we still have 15+ miles to go to get to the 312. So we motor off searching for birds ,poirpeses with a purpose or kelps and see nothing ,nada,zip.

    Radio on 72 is all about empty kelps and where are the fish at? generally in the 209 area. Man am I glad I didn't choose to go North. However we aren't seeing anything here either soooo.
    We proceed towards the 302 and at about 3/4 of the way there we see a couple,3 scraggly ass looking kelps. Maybe the size of half a car. Chum, flyline for 10 mins. no marks, no bites move on we do this 2 more times on more scraggly kelps for nothing. We proceed to the 312 and by now my crew is starting to grumble ....we should of stayed in the tuna area ..blah,blah blah blah blah.

    Let me tell ya It's not easy being the Capt. In any case I tell them - hey all we have to do is find the right kelp. Its around 12pm and we finally get to the 312 area. The overcast is starting to burn off and the expected slight breeze shows up. No kelps in sight no birds and what was glassy ocean is turning to bumpy .More grumbling from the boys and I say we'll hit the 181 and then go straight to La Jolla . We motor on some more for a lot more of nada,nothing zip. We're tired, we're grouchy but were friends and its great to be on the water.
    We're motoring along at 20knots after stopping just short of the 181 towards La Jolla. I'm reiterating for probably the 10th time about keeping your eyes open etc.etc. Dave is driving and I see something ahead of us. We throttle back to Idle and I say : see that kelp? we almost ran over it.

    There 500yards in front of us is a garage door+ sized kelp. I don't know about you but when I see a kelp with a Tern on it that= fish in my book. So we low throttle up to it no more than 5 knots and it's getting closer slowly but surely. 300 yards and I see the Tern on it . 200 yards and we see fish jumping. At 150 we see Dorado jumping. At this point I do what I do when I see a patty. I start to circle it at a 100+ yard radius. I look at the fishfinder and see just little dots. But hey there's Doritos and Dorado's jumping out.

    Jakop lights a cig , I watch which way the wind is blowing and go up wind to drift besides and away and OFF the kelp. I lightly motor west of the kelp and turn around and compensate for the slight northwest breeze and kill the engine. We drift by just East of it @30 yards off the stern J throws and is on in 10 secs. Dave throws and it's on. I chum and throw and it's a 3peet. So here we are all hooked up when it occurs to us that the Gaff is in the side holder LOL comedy. I happen to have a bigger Dorado and it's on the same side as the gaff. So i grab the gaff 1 handed and hand it to Jakop he pulls the hook. he throws again and is bit. Dave's fish comes up and i gaff it while still fighting my fish. He gaffs mine and I gaff Jakops. I throw in and get bit and pull the circle hook a min.later. Jakop gets another 1 , i lose another. There are dorado everywhere swimming under the boat. Dave gets another 1 and we lose a bunch. While this is going on there's a boat about a 1/2 mile away the only 1 from horizon to horizon. We motor out SLOWLY and wide after we drifted off the kelp and set up again. We throw and pull hooks on the fish. The boat comes up and we're all thinking My kelp, but they have a kid and i'm a sucker for getting a little man on some fish. So we wave them in. We inform them to stay really wide of the kelp and set up the drift off of it at least 30 yards. they screw up and get within 20 feet of it ,we try a few more drifts but they stopped biting
    We left after that and motored on towards La Jolla about 20 mins. and we see 5 boats and a house sized paddy with 5 boats on it. Dorado jumping and guys hugging it like an In N OUT drive through. Suprise suprise not 1 boat was bit including the sailboat . We start to go towards La Jolla but I don't know if we have enough time. So we head to Oceanside and intercept some porpoise on the way for nothing . We try around the pier for a few stops but ehhh nothing. we get back early and start to clean the boat and fish plastics in the harbor for a couple of halibut and a spotty clean up the boat and meet Ray.

    So mission accomplished I got my 1st Dodo,Jakop got his 1st tuna and dodo, and dave got 2 dodo's
    sorry for the long read but i hope you enjoy it
    tight lines.

    sorry no fish pics
    what we caught is on their facebook page
    possible video in a few days
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    GREAT REPORT and Read. Glad ya got fish. More than most!
    Congrats on all your FIRSTS guys! LOL
    What no pics? The gang likes Bloody Decks!

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