Offshore Ocean Odyssey 7/15-7/18

Mark C.

Jul 20, 2005
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1802 Trophy WA
Thanks Mark! Yes, I fished a torque 25nld2 filled with 60lb seaguar threadlock on a US80 Terminator and had a 4' piece of 50lb seaguar blue label floro tied to a size 2 mutu hook. This setup landed 2 fish back to back and performed really well. Drag was pushed pretty high by the end of the fight and the rod still had some recoil to give, not bottomed out at all. Never got close to getting spooled on either fish. I was using my saltiga 35nld2 on A GP80 Tilefish jr for 40lb but after watching other guys getting worked on 40 decided to go to 50
Right on, thanks for sharing! Good call on the 50lb. It’s always tough toeing that line of just wanting to get bit (especially when the bite is tough) and actually having a good chance of landing the fish. Great to see the US Terminator has some balls, you’ll definitely have even more confidence in it going forward. Good luck on your Aztec trip!
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  • Jul 26, 2006
    North OC
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    17' Logic CC
    Just got back this morning from a 2.5 day trip on the Ocean Odyssey. It was my 1st time riding this boat and I really enjoyed it. Rick runs a good operation, it's big comfortable boat with an exceptional crew and chef Dave put's out some delicious food. Only drawback is the boat sits high and when in it's in the trough it sure starts to rock and roll a lot.

    Now to the fishing...Rick made the decision to go west for bft instead of heading south for the yt bite. We went faaaaar and ended up by San Nicolas Island.

    Day 1...We saw massive amounts of foamer's like this picture to only have most sink out once we got close. Even the ones that stayed up didn't want anything to do with our sardine's or jig's. We ended up hooking 4 on flyline baits and landed 2. 1 at 110# (that took almost 3 hours due to the rod not even being close to the right rating for the line) and the other a schoolie around 25#. Tough day so we were hoping for a night bite that never transpired. 4-5 stops throughout the night with 1 hookup that was lost pretty quick. I'm not sure what jig got bit at night.

    Day 2.....Same thing with seeing tons of fish, but we had 2-3 schools that wanted to bite a little on this day. A lot of guys were using 40lb with a J hook. I tried telling them that these 100lb tuna will chew through 40lb like butter if that J hook wasn't in the right spot in the mouth, but most learned the hard way. We probably hooked 30 fish on day 2 and only landed 7. I was using 40lb with a 2/0 charlie brown and had no bites until about lunch time and decided to switch things up. I watched so many guys lose fish after 1+ hour fights on 40lb and due to these fish being mean and exploiting any weakness. I switched to 50lb and dropped down to a size 2 mutu circle hook. I got bit and ended up getting this fish after about an hour. Not going to lie, this fish kicked my ass! I've caught many 100lb + yft from Guadalupe and Alijos Rocks and this fish was the strongest tuna in the 100lb range I've ever fought and just had no quit in it. It seemed like that's how it was with almost all the fish we hooked.

    I retied a new floro leader and new hook and got bit again on my 1st bait out. There was a gentleman on the boat that had never caught a BFT so I decided to hand it off to him. I stayed with him most of the fight and helped out with the rod when needed. He ended up landing it and was very appreciative. There was another guy I got along with that didn't get any bites so I decided to give him the fish I had caught. I have more fish in my freezer than I know what to do with and I've caught my fair share of bft so it was a great feeling to give to people who have not been so fortunate

    The BFT fishing is tough right now, seems like they're still keyed in on that micro bait. if you go my best advice is rail time and a strong smaller hook instead of lighter line. I tried snipers, zakana's and SK's with no bites. I think 2 guys hooked up on small colt snipers but neither fish were landed. 8 fish were in the 100lb range and 1 was 25lb so be prepared to do battle with some good size mean ass fish.

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    Thanks for the report! Good to see you’re getting a few trips in this year. We were out at Tanner a week and a half ago.. and yeah, those BFT’s are angry! Almost got spooled by a 100lber. Good karma coming right back at you!!
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