Ocean Beach Bass 1/11



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Oct 19, 2009
San Diego, CA
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Left a very empty dana landing launch ramp hoping to find some bigger bonito with bass as a fallback plan. Fiesty, small sardines at the bait receiver were really well cured. Ran into working birds and boils in 120' just south of the mission bay entrance and picked up some small bonito and big macs trolling through them. Soaked baits for a bit but only got macs. Starting trolling into shallower water and ran over a fantastic sonar mark in 90' of water that turned out to be a massive school of assorted fish. Got a ton of calicos and a few sand bass, 90% being legal with one standout calico around 6 pounds caught on a walmart catfish rod, a 1 cent hook and a split shot. Plastics and squid were useless but a live sardine on the bottom got bit within seconds. Good consistent bite for nearly 3 hours before we decided to head in. Ran over another good mark just outside the entrance in 60' of water and grabbed a few more bass before heading in. Overall one of the best bass days I've ever had considering the quality of the fish.

Guys on the radio reported bonito at la jolla. Also heard a few guys looking for bluefin at the n9, s9 and 302 with no luck.

Swells were big but the period was really long and wind was mild. Ended up being a really nice day on the water.

With the bonito being small and everyone striking out offshore, if I went out tomorrow I'd grab a half scoop of bait (full scoop was too much with the baits being so small) and go catch some big bass on sonar marks 5 minutes out of the harbor.
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michael e. bingham

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May 26, 2015
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Nothing's better than back yard fishing when their biting , thanks for the pick me up report , can't wait to get back out im just getting back on my feet after a major melanoma surgery and as soon as my strength returns thats the very first thing im going to do
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