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  • Jul 18, 2006
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    For quite a few years I have used nub nail connections with monofilament to hollow spectra using the technique from Gary Teraoka. I had slippage with fluorocarbon and decided nub nail and flouro were a no go. A friend named Fred Uno who is very techie and regularly catches cows suggested lightly sanding the fluorocarbon where the nub would be located. He was right (no surprise) and now both mono and fluorocarbon can be used safely.

    The pictured connection was subjected to 20#- 35# or more pulls repeatedly without slippage as indicated by the sharpie mark at the fluffy end of the hollow 135. No matter how many trials I gave it it just stayed as I tied it. The green line is Izorline 30# used for nub and nail knots. There was only 12” inserted for these tests which is less than the typical 24”+.

    The straw technique allows me to pre-tie nail knots for later use. Yes, I can tie from scratch but this is faster. I run two of these up the hollow spectra, tie a nail knot on the mono or fluoro 12”-24” up from the end and sand the end for insertion and in goes the new line. I use shop made pullers without a groove and tie loops in the nail knot spectra. I pull in several increasingly harder pulls as the knot tightens down usually breaking the spectra in the last pull. It changes color. I glue from the distal nail knot to 1” past the nub with Tac glue. Thanks Blake for telling me not to glue the fluffy end.

    These fish were both caught on my nub nail connections using 60# and 135# mono respectively. Fish beware fluorocarbon connections are coming your way this year.

    Thanks again Fluffy for the photo lift of the tuna after my rotator cuff surgery.

    There is no “knot bump” at all. I typically cannot tell when the connection comes through the guides. I see the green color maybe that’s all; usually I’m busy getting ready for the gaff.





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  • Jan 12, 2006
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    I have a whole drug jar of pre made nail knots on stir straws. Even your loop knots on the nail knot ends. I use a perfection loop knot. Works great… Still the time to insert the leader. Wet sanding the leader where the serve is a great tip.

    One thing different I do is while the hollow needle is on that fluffy I take a lighter and burn that fluff. It creates a small ring of material. I then put a nail knot on top, split the difference with the knot.
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