November 11, 2010 Lahaina Harbor Maui Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Start Me Up Sportfishing and welcome to another exciting post from Lahaina, Hawaii.

Jo and Bill Carls with Bruce and Susan Brown with a 25 pound mahi caught at Kaho’Olawe.

Three onos totaling 88 pounds with Jennifer and Brian Bulluss, Alison Goddard, Doris Robichaud, Nick Norton and Lauri Kimberly as the anglers.

Kyle Peacock with a 25 pound mahi caught at K bouy.

John Stevens with a deck hand from Team Start Me Up showing a 17 pound mahi.

Mike Croom, Mike Callen and Geoff Stalber with a 30 pound mahi.

This mahi gave the ultimate sacrifice so that Dwight Richards could have a Maui barbeque.

Joe Thompson, Johnny Galves, Vince and Doug Morse, Ryan Billard and Richard Rich after a half a day of male bonding and a mahi boated.

Daniel Surratt with her very first kawakawa.

John Loughran and David Lunsford with a mahi caught on a morning shared trip.

Ricardo Phillips with a 20 pound ono caught on a 6 hour shared charter.

John Lincoln, George Gushalak and Ed and Brian Borkowski with 4 sixteen plus pound mahis.

Greg Bonham with Mark, Mark and Michael Pollock with a mahi and ono catch.

Brad Wilson, Richard Lopez, and Darcy Howat shared the filets from this mahi catch.

Tom Fleckenstein, Danielle Cleary, Chris Schmidt, Shawna Smith and Keith Johnson on a 4 hour charter picking up a nice mahi for supper.

Gary and Denise Lagro with their 171 pound blue marlin caught on their 6 hour charter.

Scott and Dennis Quade with Brian Suchriski and a 491.6 pound blue marlin boated on their 6 hour charter.

Brian Suchriski with a close look at his 27 pound mahi.

Tim and Rudy Dumandan with Dylan Berg with a mahi caught off the island of Lanai.

Billy Richardson with his blue marlin weighing in at 337.9 pounds.

Shannon and Matt Layland with a tag and release of their 450 pound blue marlin.

So many fish so little time.