November 10, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. In accordance with the general trend of the past several months, mahis are dominating the day to day catch. However, there has been some variety. Several different types of tuna (shibi, aku, and kawakawa) were caught over the past two weeks. A blue marlin, a striped marlin, and a few onos were also caught. Of course, many other fish were encountered but they can’t all end up on the boat. If there are any questions about the fishing, don’t hesitate to contact Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth. He can be reached at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or at [email protected]. The following report contains some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch from the end of October and the beginning of November.

The Werlings caught a nice blue marlin that tipped the scales at 311 lbs. While in the fighting chair, Rob broke the fish’s spirit in addition to breaking a sweat. Abigail contributed to the effort with her helpful encouragement. To catch a fish of that size, team work is a must.

The Rittner group fished the Wahine Tournament of the Lahaina Jackpot. They didn’t find a billfish in the one day tournament, but the ladies did hook this nice 33.7 lb. ono.

Team Solesource Technology fished the Halloween Shootout and came up with this nice striped marlin. The fish wasn’t big enough to be a qualifier, but everybody had a good time anyway.

Will Smetan, Tim Larson, Roman Anisimoz, and Shirley Holten found an area that was full of life. The anglers came away with a mahi and three big akus.

Despite a slow start, the Dee group remained patient. Their persistence paid off when this ono came up and demolished the chrome jet running in the short rigger position.

These mahis were finicky and unwilling to eat. Reggie Marshall and Kathy Francis, however, had time on their side. Reggie and Kathy outlasted the mahis, which eventually took the bait.

The inside pinnacle called secret spot is really not so secret. The area is a popular destination for shorter fishing trips. The Smith group baited secret spot and caught this nice kawakawa in addition to missing a mahi.

Returning Start Me Up anglers Stephanie and Terry Coote shared their success with Ray and Terry Zeller as well as Tom and Sue Jenkins, who are also repeat anglers. They caught some mahis and a shibi that weighed in at 52 lbs. All of the fish were caught using natural bait.

Dave Kibby was ready when this mahi pounced on the Ahi P lure running in the short rigger position. Dave responded quickly to the bite and brought his fish to the boat without a problem.

The Lundstrom group worked the Lanai lighthouse and hooked a blue marlin. The fish came off after a short while and the fishermen put the lures back in the water. The next bite came while the anglers were off the golf course at Manele Bay, Lanai. That fish, a mahi, ended up on the boat.

These anglers got up early to chase mahis at the FADs and came back to Lahaina Harbor with a mahi apiece.

These anglers elected to start fishing a little later and did an afternoon trip. As they found out, the fish bite at all times of the day.

Tina Pickney, Carey Idle, and Christine Cooper came from Alaska to visit Maui. They each caught a quality mahi and also missed a blue marlin after pulling hooks at double line.

Jerry Richkind spent some time out on the water with his friend Bill. This ono merely added to their enjoyment.

The Laudermilk group traded in their bait for a six pack of mahis. There were definitely enough fillets to go around.

These anglers worked hard while they were out on the water. They braved some tough sea conditions in order to the find the fish. At the end of their trip, the anglers were proud of their mahis.

Jim Jones’s relaxation was interrupted for a bit, but he did not spill any of his beer in the process of catching this mahi. Jim was also entertained by some sharks while baiting K buoy.

These fishermen were all smiles after catching a mahi. Even though the fish wasn’t the biggest one out there, the guys were happy just to hear a rod go off and have some fresh fish for dinner.

Returning Start Me Up anglers Gayland and Marlene Pegel were excited about catching this mahi. Every time they come to Hawaii, they take the time to enjoy some fishing.

Jason and Drew McCullar showed the shaka along with their stocky bull mahi that they caught on a morning four hour trip.

The Peschel group went out on an afternoon four hour trip and had almost the same result as the McCullars. The difference was that their nice mahi was a cow (female) instead of a bull (male). It’s nice to see some quality mahis biting close to Lahaina Harbor.

These two mahis bit in close proximity with regard to time but the lures were somewhat far apart. The double bite occurred when one mahi grabbed the short corner lure and the other one took off with the lure running on the long rigger. Todd and Judy Atkinson took advantage of the opportunity and landed both fish. Apparently, Judy caught the bigger mahi.

Joe McDonough, Daryl Lonien, Charles Stewart, and John Poole worked hard for their fish. They concentrated their efforts at a FAD and used an arsenal of lures and natural bait to entice the fish.

Kim and Randy Kovar, Andrea and Bob Frost, Jody Ussher, and Fran Zito fished at N buoy on the north shore of Molokai. The anglers had everything going in their favor as the fish were present and cooperative. When the dust settled, a bunch of mahis and a shibi were on ice.

With a game plan that had been working, there was no need to change up the tactics. Wesley Friesen, BJ Frankel, and Steve Robertson headed straight out to N buoy with an assortment of natural bait and artificial lures. Wesley, BJ, and Steve did exactly what they set out to do and put together a nice stringer of fish.

Thanks for taking a look at this Start Me Up fishing report. Feel free to direct any questions toward Deli at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. There have already been a couple of blue marlin caught that will be included in the next report. Until then, tight lines.



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