Nothstar TC 800 XB pop up camper


Aug 16, 2006
Santa Cruz, CA
Like new pop up camper everything works perfect. When not in use camper is garaged.$12,500.00 OBO call Larry @ 831-212-8824 Camper information Northstar TC 800 XB
Set up You simply release the four exterior mechanical latches (one at each corner of the roof), step inside the camper, insert and turn the interior hand crank mechanism and viola, in thirty seconds or less the solid roof is fully extended up another nineteen inches to an interior height of 6' 7". Retracting or folding the roof back into the travel position only requires the unlatching of the manual lock (inside) that keeps the roof locked in the extended position. With gravity and the precision geared mechanism the roof almost lowers itself . Getting the fabric to fold in under the roof when it is being lowered is as simple as one, two, and three. One, you close the rear entry door and all windows. Two, you open the roof mounted Fantastic Fan and three; you turn the Fantastic Fan on high (exhaust) while cranking the roof down. The Fantastic Fan creates a vacuum that draws or pulls the fabric in while the roof is being lowered. This precludes having to stop midway while lowering the roof to go outside and physically tuck in the vinyl fabric as the roof is lowered, a difficult task on some of today's tall trucks. Oh yes, one more thing. This kind of vacuum evidences just how tight and impervious to the outside elements the walls of the Northstar Truck Camper are.
Extra Bed the XB bunk/platform (hinged long the bottom on the curb side wall) is surrounded by a vinyl fabric canopy that includes zipper panels that can be opened or closed (to the degree needed) for ventilation and/or warmth. Behind each of the translucent fabric window panels is a panel of fine mesh screen that preempts the entry of insects. Structure or shape to the canopy that surrounds the bunk platform bed is provided by a removable rod that pushes the fabric out, up and into place for occupation. Just as easily, the whole thing is put away and stowed for travel.
The construction of the walls on the TC800 XB involves the use of kiln dried 2" X 2" and 2" X 4" wood studs and structural members, along with hand fitted block foam insulation. The insulated floor is 5/8" plywood as well as the "outs" (the area that goes over the truck bed) Every joint in a Northstar is glued, stapled, and then screwed together with hardened steel screws. Northstar uses an expensive product called "A" grade "Lite Ply" plywood throughout their product line. The Lite Ply plywood is an imported, European product that has been supplied for over 50 years to furniture, yacht and aircraft manufacturers. Its' even grained, "white wood" exterior, multi-ply construction is 35%- 40% lighter than the previously used southern yellow plywood and has very low formaldehyde emissions. The interior finish of the walls is vinyl wall board with the exterior being a luan backed laminated "Filon" (fiberglass product)
Equipment The standard utility systems package on the TC800 XB includes a 16,000 BTU auto ignition forced air furnace. The furnace along with the water heater, 3-way 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator and cook-top, use as their fuel source a 20 pound LPG tank that is located in a sealed, galvanized exterior compartment. The marine (deep cycle) type house battery pack is a group 27. The unit is wired for 30 amp shore power for the optional AC and for the interior and exterior 110-volt receptacles. A 25 amp power converter/battery charger is also included for stand-alone 110-Volt AC power Northstar recommends the Honda 2000 generator. There is no fixed bathroom on board this model but there is a space for a port-a-potty. The unit also comes with a 12-volt water pump, two burner cook-top and stainless steel single basin sink. Both the cook-top and sink feature hinged covers that (when closed) provide a galley countertop that affords a flat work surface area. All total we counted 19 closed storage areas inside the unit, and 1additional storage compartment on the exterior. The unit also comes with a roof rack for Yakima or Thule accessories.
On-loading and off-loading the TC800 XB is achieved by a mechanical jack system, with one jack located at each corner of the unit. We used a portable electric hand drill to quickly extend and retract each jack. However, electric jacks are also available and can be added at any time. The 7-way wire harness on the truck is the power source for recharging the house battery pack. Another feature that underscores the functionality of the TC800 XB is that it can be removed from the truck, lived in and enjoyed separately.
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