North winds dictate bites outcome

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, January 29, 2016
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa


    There will be a ride on Sunday, January 31 beginning at St. Peter Martyr. Visit the observatory, national park, museum visit and lunch at Rancho Meling -- the cost per person is 510 pesos. For information and reservations please contact us at (646) 120-2590. Thank you and have a great day. ...Rancho Meling

    Coronado Island

    Yellowtail action is hit or miss. Best bet by far is the big sportboats because of their scanning sonar. Boats like the Mission Belle have been getting limits almost daily while some private boaters struggle to get a few fish.
    The location and tactics are pretty much unchanged.
    The most volume is at South Island, from the northern end, around and down the lee side to about Ribbon Kelp. These yellows are on average about 5 to 6 pounds with a few pushing the 10-pound mark.
    Some larger 12- to 18-pound fish are showing in the afternoons along the weather side of North Island.
    The Yoyo iron and the Dropper loop sardine or mackerel are both working;
    along with the yellowtail there are still some quality bonito in the 4- to 7-pound class roaming around and there’s even a shot at barracuda in the Ribbon Kelp area. …


    No Report.



    Seaforth Landing and the other big three landings in San Diego are running 1.5- to 2.5-day trips departing this Friday (January 30, 2016) evening to hit the excellent yellowtail bite happening right now at Colonet. If you want to get in on this, call and make a reservation ASAP as the spots are selling off quickly. …

    San Quintín


    Mr Jack Nash, a legend in his own right in Northern Baja, went 13 for 23 with Captain Juan Cook.


    Capt. George Catian of K&M Sportfishing with John Cote and John Hamilton. In very windy and sloppy seas, they still managed to get seven nice yellows. Bite is very good, weathers a different story!

    Bahía de Los Angeles

    Hanging out on La Gringa Beach watching the wind blow.

    Guerrero Negro


    Laguna Ojo de Liebre reports large numbers of whales.

    Bahía Ascensión

    No Report. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana


    Another great trip with mi amigos, Pablo and Nick. Took the Mex5 this time through Gonzaga Bay; nice easy drive -- 85 mph most of the way. No hills, no potholes, no traffic. When the last 22 miles are finished, it will be even better.


    Yellowtail Tournament -- February 17 – 21, 2016.

    Captains’ meeting to be held Wednesday, Feb 17 at 3:oo p.m at Jungle Jims! Any questions or comments can be emailed to [email protected] or phone 153-0168




    After almost 50 years the equipment is beyond repair and not economically worth reviving. The old ammonia system hasn't had a loving caretaker in many years and few people in Baja would have the experience to tackle this old beast. No more block ice and no more 24 hour service!

    It was always an interesting undertaking at 4:30 a.m. trying to wake up the night attendant so we could have ice in the fish box at sun up. The times are catching up with everyone!

    We will still be able to have ice in the fish boxes but that will be another chapter in my story for a week or two more. (A new ice business that I want to investigate is on the highway in Miramar.)

    As far as the fishing is going, we are stuck in winter mode with windy days, and more windy days. Now that February is almost here the weather should be at least more predictable!

    The only good day this week saw a few boats tucked in close to Coronado Island. Our best trip sneaked up the coast near Punta Colorado and nailed a family outing of Pacific dog snapper and a few triggerfish on iron.

    (Triggerfish on iron is the way to go for these buck-toothed cabrones, although I have lost a few iron to those teeth -- brand new Salas jigs -- their first time in saltwater! Triggerfish with cut squid is successful but too labor intensive with slimy hands…)

    Most of the other boats were lucky to get one or two yellows. I saw one that was pushing 30 pounds, although most others were in the 15- to 18-pound range.

    Mackerel are still plentiful at a few spots and for sale most days.

    Pargo photos: fish nailed up at Punta Colorado's pargo hole…


    Andrea Wakibashi and Sara Cartwright displaying their pargo pumping muscles. This was the second time this season we have hooked up on group pargo and good-sized ones at that!

    The first batch fell to blue and white iron but these dudes were after the wiggling mackerel in 70-feet of water.

    Out a bit farther at the six-mile-reef, the bigger yellowtail are hitting live bait for the boats with live bait. Mackerel continue to be hard to find and even harder to fill the bait tank.

    One boat with the blue macks brought in six yellows with the largest weighing 27 pounds.

    This same spot and another rock pile half mile north can also be good for cabrilla although it may be early for a good bite.

    It's still early in the season with two more months before the yellowtail tournaments…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay


    El Capitan Avery started to fish his marks and soon after we put the two wired Halco's into the water; the bite came on fast and furious on football tunas . The largest may have been 12 to 14 pounds. …Brad


    Mangrove halibut.

    La Paz


    Donna Thompson has some great ceviche in the making with two big sierra she caught off Las Arenas. She’s from La Ventana.


    Paddy Christopuli from La Ventana got his first wahoo this week trolling between Cerralvo Island and Las Arenas. Paddy is 6’6” tall so he makes this nice wahoo look a bit smaller than it really is.


    First yellowtail of the season for Donna Thompson who always seems to do well fishing when she’s out at Las Arenas. This hefty fish was taken in an area that has produced some strange catches the last two weeks given it’s winter including marlin, sailfish, yellowtail, wahoo and cabrilla. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape


    My friend in East Cape RV caught this on Sunday, January 24.
    Bernie Bathgate hooked it on the boat line while trolling a ballyhoo, south of the Palmas hotel; they also had a nice dorado that morning.

    Shore fishing has been very spotty. …Graham, East Cape RV Resort


    Word is that they are catching marlin and yellowtail right out off of La Ribera.

    San José del Cab0

    Local sportfishing fleets were scouting out fishing areas and the most productive grounds recently were from Santa Maria, Palmilla, Punta Gorda, La Fortuna and Iman Bank. The Iman Bank was producing tuna to over 30-pounds. Though with the northern winds and sea lion presence, this was a tough bite for the past five days or so, need calmer conditions to effectively drift fish these grounds.

    Wahoo have been playing elusive hide and seek games as usual, though actual these fish have become more active in recent days, found close to shore, trolling lures and baits, best bet early in the morning, but there were chances at all hours of the day, you have to just be in the right place at the precise time when these finicky feeders decide to strike.

    The wahoo now being landed have been in the 15 to-pound range. Anglers reported wahoo action off of Santa Maria, Palmilla, Punta Gorda and Iman Bank. With water temperature still temperate, we expect these ‘hoo to stay in the area into February. Remember last season, some of our best wahoo action was found mid-February.

    Striped marlin action improved this past week, decent number of stripers were found straight outside the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, anywhere from one to four miles from shore, most strikes were on caballito, soaking down deep, slow trolling baits on the surface, or occasional gun and run to feeding fish.

    Not much going on for sierra or roosterfish, sporadic action found, though some dorado were caught very close to shore, attracted by available baitfish, more dorado this week than last, sizes ranged up to 20 lb. Anglers were fortunate to find one or two, no big numbers of any particular species now.

    Bottom action was tough, mainly due to the windy days, hard to reach the more productive areas to the north, closer inshore, where it was more protected from gusty winds, most common catches were for triggerfish, a handful of snapper, bonito and cabrilla…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos


    Thanks to Pisces and the Bill Collector for a very Happy Birthday and thanks to Barb Keith for making it all happen! ...Pisces Sportfishing


    Fun day on the beach with Rich Lirtzman. It was 31 degrees at 6 a.m. -- in Baja that's nuts! Warmed up quickly as the sun came up; Rich caught a super rooster on the fly and we caught multi-level jacks and other species...Baja Anglers


    Winter sierra in Cabo! Great tasting and super fun to catch! ...Cabo Surfcasters

    Full moon on January 25, 2016, for the first of the year which interfered with the billfish bite and the dorado action, although it should get better and better as the moon phase gets darker and darker. Most of the tuna taken are in the school-fish sizes and are not at all eager to bite which can be attributed to the full moon and the tuna seiners setting up on the schools of porpoise-tuna schools, keeping both pretty nervous. There seems to be plenty of tuna on location in several areas but there is also too many purse seiners in the area right now making the rod and reel catches much more difficult.

    Cabo Climate: Cooler mornings have arrived and the temps have varied from 57 nights to 78 daytime highs with a 55% humidity average . . . a mostly sunny week with a few partly cloudy days.

    Sea Conditions: The Pacific side is cooling down. A few spots remain at 76 degrees but for the most part it is holding at 74, including the Golden Gate down to the Jaime Bank and around the corner from Cabo San Lucas to Chileno. Palmilla Point and heading into the Sea of Cortez holding at 75 to 76 degrees. Surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions and ranged from nearly calm mornings to 13 mph.

    Best Fishing Area: The Herradura and Cabo Falso area are best for billfish and scattered yellowfin tuna.

    Best Bait/Lure: Live bait used on the drift worked best for the marlin. Tuna were biting on the feathers and a myriad of bright colored artificial. …Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters
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    AWESOME REPORT GARY.... I'm foaming. No more block ice
    bummer...LOL Times change, things get old. Keep those pics comin!

    Big storm comin here Sunday...whew....oooooo for summer. LOL
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