North 9 8-12-18


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Mar 5, 2017
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Went out yesterday with the plan to just make a quick run around the 9 and hopefully find some fish.

Shot straight out of MB at 5a and got the the 9 and started searching. We moved north up it till we passed la jolla with out spotting a single decent paddy. Wanted to see what was going on in la jolla so we ran inshore. Once in there we saw the 18 boats and reverted back to our original plan.

Back towards the 9. As we are moving out we spot a boat parked on a solid paddy and since it has been a rough day ask them how its going. They let us know that they have been fishing it for about 30 min with no action but see dorado swimming around. Ask them if we can slide in and force feed them and they are happy to see the fish die.

My two divers slide in and within a minute one pops up yelling "Dodo on the line!". He starts making his way back to the boat and we throw a nice bull mahi on. I hop in and the other diver says there is a small school of yellows staying just out of range. I was never able to get a shot and they ducked out. We are kicking back to the boat, I hop on, the other diver is about to hop on and says "They are following me! Give me the gun." he jumps back in and blast a nice yellow right off the boat.

Keep moving around and come across 2 more paddies, both dry. Water was about 73 all day and super blue water.
We decide to take some pics and head back. Starting to get the hang of this new water housing. If anyone wants any photos taken on trips let me know!

Hope this helps!


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Feb 19, 2008
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Fish Always eat the spike. Clear pics. The water was clean about a 1/2 mile out of the jetty yesterday , Nice blue
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Feb 6, 2003
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Great pics, what are you shooting ? (camera/housing)