Offshore North 9 7/3

fly liner

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Apr 10, 2009
hemet ca USA
21' crystaliner /15' prowler
Got bait headed out to the 226 turned north, ran a small area on the inside of the 181 pointed towards the North 9 and spent the rest of the day chasing school ,after school ,after school of jumping , foaming BF. Probaly 20-60lb models. The mass of fish out there is absolutely insane getting them to bite , was a different story. I tried it all flyline on 20lb with a tiny hook, snipers, poppers,surface iron, stick bait, trolling, I did get 1 short bite on a slow troll dean. Radio chatter indicated a few fish on 15 and 20, and a couple on the colts. All in all it was a great show.