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Skeeter Nate

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Mar 21, 2015
So for some reason I gave the lady that was walking around the landing my information but now im starting to wonder what there using it for. They sent me a packet to fill out but I haven't done anything with it. Have any of you guys filled out this paper work?


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Nov 18, 2008
Placerville, CA
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Same thing happened to me on Labor Day weekend at Fisherman's Landing. A young blonde woman maybe 30 ( I'm not good at guessing younger peoples age, maturity is usually the clue for me but at 20 and 30 who knows most still live at home so who knows). She was nice enough and seemed only interested in the Blue Fin tuna I had and asked were I caught them, in which I responded San Clemente Island. While she was asking me questions there was a young man about the same age with a slide measure device which measured in metric. They proceeded down the line, our fish were on the sidewalk being weighed by the fish processor so they went from pile to pile.

What I found odd is that they did not identify themselves, or mention a organization they were working/donating time for while measuring our fish. They just simply walked up and started handling our fish? If that work for our government maybe a "Manners Course" should be given to these young folks because they surely did not know how to approach a stranger or assure them that what they were doing was appropriate.

I was too tired to bitch after fishing for 2 1/2 days, plus the down-blouse view was distracting.

I did not get any packet to fill in or anything like that.............I did however fill out the "Parking problem" flyer on the table at Fisherman's Landing. Only solution I see is money to build a parking structure, that place sucks for parking!