Islands No more skunk or getting mad

Sep 13, 2018
East County
so I couldn't take getting skunked any more and reached to Cody for some help. This is what happened.. After a few texts back and forth with Cody I had what felt like a solid plan. I wake up at 4am hook up the boat load my go back inside to tell my wife I'm going fishing and she says no don't go just come back to bed your probably not going to catch anything again and you'll just be cussing and stomping around like usual, I said nope not today and I'll even be back by noon, she laughed rolled her eyes and l left. So I get to si drop the boat in and solenoid on tilt went out. now usaully I'm the guy who if anything at all happens on the way to the ramp I turn around and go home superstitious maybe but this time I couldn't face my wife and it just so happened I had a spare so I pulled it out replaced it in the parking lot dropped it back in and away I go. Grabbed a real nice scoop of deans 40mins later I'm slow trolling middle grounds within 5mins my line is singing off the reel and a grin like no other all the way til the seal got me. I sat back and thought is this for real or am I in some bad dream. I pinned on another dean kicked it in gear for a while til now the seal got my dean and again and again by now I'm talking out loud saying who ever is doing this it isn't funny any more but what was funny was a couple of looks I got from passing boats. My mind is a whirl wind of thoughts all being bad then finally I get bit and this one's coming in the boat if I have to shoot it don't know with what but I'd figure some thing out. After a 5min fight I sunk the gaff in her and she was mine you have no idea the joy I felt. I pinned on another dean Grabbed a sandwich scales and all and back at it guess what bam again I'm so stoked I'm reeling it in I see it ten feet under the boat hauling ass and a seal on this tail I free spool it and it worked, back in gear smash the drag and just crank til it gets the gaff splash 2. Repeat same drill for two more. Remembering what Cody said about the weather picking up and telling the wife about home by noon I secure my gear crank up the stereo and hammer down all the way to the ramp load the ol girl up drop off two fish at my cousins and yep home by well 12:15 but close enough. Now it's time to dance around in front of little woman taunting her, no that's not a good idea I'll just be humble to her but inside me is teasing away. Hey they may be island yellows to most but to me it's f___king gold.



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Apr 13, 2017
San diego
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Good chance your wife and mine are related…. Atta boy and kudos to Cody. I’m pretty sure he’s America’s most wanted for his constant murdering in our waters!
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Jul 26, 2007
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Awesome guy! Way to put it all together.

I get down when I'm snake bit too so know the feeling well. I try to reign in my bad emotions and not totally lose it while fishing, though. That's why God invented golf.

Good fishin'!