No Bait? Keep a Pack of Fishbites Around When Fishing!

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
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    What Happens When I Run Out Of Fresh Bait While Fishing?

    Sometimes when i go shore jigging or plugging all day my arm & shoulder are killing me. Especially if i'm throwing for hours on end. I don't bring a cooler as i have no intent on keeping anything. So that means no ice to keep my baits fresh. I only have my energy drink & an apple in my backpack.

    I was thinking to stay mobile i could use alternative baits that require no refrigeration or extra care. So i emailed this other YouTuber who produces his own artificial baits. Twice. But no reply. Then i sent an email to Fishbites. Wow! Great communication & help from 2 individuals! Brett & Courtney! What great service!

    I needed to know what scents worked the best from shore so i could place an order. Instead they offered to send me a selection to try out. Wow! I'm rarely in awe over great service so this was a first for me in years! Within a week i received this fantastic care package for me to try out in the field! I definitely will be trying these packs out.

    I hope our local shoreline species will like these flavors & scents. My thanks go out to Courtney & Brett of Fishbites! You just made a customer for life with me.

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    No live bait? Well, there’s surface iron, yo-yo jigs, slow pitch jigs, poppers, stick baits, mega baits/Colt snipers, various lead heads with swim baits…
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