Nitro GT Surf Rod w/a Avet Raptor "Master Cast"!

Scuba Chris

  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Christina Ann
    Nitro GT Surf Casting Rod!

    In Hawaii the Nitro Casting Rods are the most popular choice for shore/surf caster day or night. Action classes are-

    Medium: For bait casting inner reef fish like Bonefish & Trevally.

    Med-Hvy: For bait casting a range of species. Can handle larger
    species if angled correctly like large GT's.

    Heavy: For medium sliding or heavy bait casting. The preferred rod for the serious shore caster.

    The Nitro line of GT Casting Rods are in such high demand that even Sears stocks them (with their name printed on them).

    Nitros are spined for conventional reel usage. The stainless steel Hilo-type guides (looks like the spring coils of a mousetrap) resist corrosion compared to most types of guides. The SS butt cap is meant for digging-in for fighting large powerful fish. The glassed-in tube is a Hawaii thing for a bell holder. This 2-piece set comes in a variety of colors & the price is amazingly low & the weight very light.

    I've added luminescent glow tape strips for using the Nitro at night. Also bought a neoprene storage bag for both the rod & reel. The Avet reel has 50lb Big Game Trilene monofilament top shot. The backing is 50lb Jerry Brown braid.

    At first i was only averaging 40-60yds using my Avet on a Daiwa 11' Hvy Emblem. Now i'm getting +80yd using the 13' Med/Hvy Nitro. Longer length & a "not so stiff" tip flex helps. Used a 7oz bank.

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