Newport Harbor Sat 8/1


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Apr 10, 2007
so cal
Edge Water CC/Bonafide RS117
Tried fishing under the pch bridge with my kids for 30 minutes saturday morning but nothing bit. Too many paddle boarders hitting the water as the sun rose so decided to head home. My kids are young so just being out there for a few minutes holding the rods was fun for them.

Needed redemption so headed back out at night.

No yak this time. Float tubed saturday night around balboa island 9:40 pm to midnight. Tide was high and outgoing. Water seemed cold in the shallows by the docks so ended up fishing deeper by the boat moorings. Caught half a dozen spotties from 10 to 15 inches. Nothing big but fun none the less. All fish were caught on 1/8 ounce lead heads w/ big hammers and gary yamamoto grubs. Slathered the swimbaits with calico hot sauce. Fish liked to pick the baits up off the bottom. Tried throwing a spinnerbait for a while for nothing.

My buddy's tried drifting the coast guard station with their yaks but only landed a few small bass. Normally we do pretty well at night but it was a little slow for us. Hope you guys have better luck.