Newell 338F and 447F - $150 each

RG Phishgasm

Parker 23CC & San Pedro Dory
Sep 8, 2011

Very under-utilized. I purchased these reels in the 1990-1991 timeframe; if I recall correctly. (1) at Turner's and (1) at The Longfin. I recently had them serviced with new lube and drags. The Service Tech said, "I've never seen Newells this clean before". I had them stored inside a reel bag for 20+ years, so they definitely deserve a better owner in terms of putting them to use. No cracks on side plates, etc. "Graphite" (word) tag missing on the side plate of the 338; cosmetic only.

Pics show condition. Both reels including clamp; no boxes or other parts/hardware (kept original drags from service)
Will sell together or separately.
You just need to spool them up and you are ready to go.
I prefer Orange County (CA) area pick-up, but I will be as flexible as I can. Also, I am willing to help you figure out shipping, as needed.
I can text or email you individual pictures if that is helpful.

PM is best. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.
Thanks, Ryan
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