New to Oahu, shore fishing


Feb 12, 2013
Honolulu Hawaii
cats meow...i dont really have a boat
First off, new to the island in the last week so thanks for having me.

I have been reading posts on the site for a few months now so no need for grave detail, but I am trying to get an idea of where to shore fish (whip) this weekend. As I wait for most of my gear to arrive (mostly freshwater, a little saltwater for Texas bays, and no larger gear), I did hand carry a larger baitcast reel with about 250 yards of 14 lbs mono but also brought 50 lbs braid of the same length. Further, I have 7' basically bass fishing pole though proven on catfish, musky, and other large freshwater game. Therefore, I will hit of the store tomorrow for some basic lures and hooks.

I kind of want to stay out of the mad house beach areas and do have access to bases. Though I think I could handle some of the larger fish from shore, I basically just want to get my feet wet and maybe catch some dinner.

So all that said, what few lures/sized hooks should I grab and where should I go (I was thinking about going to North Shore, but if the swells are up like I hear, not sure if that is even worth it)?

Thanks again for any help and Aloha!